The Curse of Oak Island S03, Ep10 – Silence in the Dark

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 3
Episode: 10
Title: Silence in the Dark
Original Air Date: January 12, 2016

Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

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Synopsis: The dive continues at 10X There is an issue with communications. The com leader can hear the diver, but he cannot hear her. Harvey does not have a comm system. Michael announces the dive is being aborted and he is going to surface. They are informed that Michael never made contact with Harvey so the tether line was never attached to Harvey. Thirty minutes have gone by and Harvey is still in the shaft. About 5 minutes later he surfaces. They meet up in the war room to plan the next days dive. Harvey tells them the dive down to 125 was very easy. However, he only made it to the top of the narrower shaft. And visibility is almost zero. The next days dives will be at noon and 5pm. The next day they drive back to 10X. However, there is bad news. They were able to fix the comms in the mask. But there was another issue regarding breathing correctly in the mask. The dive gets called for the day, until it can be done safely. Rick and Jack head over to Nolan’s Cross to investigate. We get a flashback of Fred showing Rick the stone he dug up that looked like a face. He also found flat stones at specific locations that turned Nolan’s Cross into the tree of life. Rick and Jack head to the beach and the left arm of the cross. The metal detect around the rock. They get a hit. What they did up appears to be part of a pulley system. The history states that there was a pulley hanging over the money pit when it was originally discovered. Four days later Harvey and Michael have returned and are getting ready to dive 10X. Harvey gets lowered in. Michael is lowered in as well. Michael is notified he’s nearly at the end of his tether. Harvey has come out of the smaller shaft and scared Michael by smacking his leg. He lets the dive master know they are together, fine and heading up. Harvey made it all the way to the drill bar in the smaller shaft. Marty returns to the island and they all meet in the war room. Charles and Craig arrive. They’ve brought with them a roman sword. It was found in the 1940’s in Mahone Bay in the vicinity of Oak Island. It’s a ceremonial sword from the time of Comedus. They draw a comparison to the booby traps on Oak Island and the aqueducts built by the Romans. An expert in Roman antiques will be examining.

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