The Nanny S01, Ep08 – The Christmas Episode

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: The Christmas Episode
Original Air Date: December 22, 1993

Guest Stars:
Allan Rich: Pauly the Pawnbroker
Rachel Chagall: Val Toriello
Richard Roat: Santa Claus
Kort Falkenberg: Priest
Lawrence Mandley: Orderly #1 (as Lawrence A. Mandley)
William Palmieri: Orderly #2
Jean Ford: Nurse

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Niles you old Scrooge, get into the Christmas spirit.
Niles: Ah, spoken like someone who doesn’t have to clean it all up.

* Grace: Father’s very anal about his tree trimming.

* Fran: He’s moving Christmas? You can do that?

* Grace: Isn’t that cute? She still believes in Santa.
Fran: Honey, I believe in anyone that delivers.

* Max: The only reason I’m going away with Miss Babcock is for charity.

* Fran: May the testosterone be with you.

* Fran: Look, Grace, Santa took a bite out of the cookies we left him.
Grace: I didn’t know Santa wore red lipstick.

Synopsis: Fran and the kids return home from ice skating. Niles is being a Scrooge and Fran gets him in the spirit. Every decorates the Christmas tree. She gets introduced to Max’s tree trimming order. Fran tells a story about a Christmas tree her family accidentally set on fire. Max asks Fran if she can work on Christmas Day and she accepts. But then Max informs her he won’t be home for Christmas and Fran and the kids are disappointed. The kids explain to Fran that Max’s personal shopper buys all their gifts. When Fran asks them what they want for Christmas, Grace responds all she wants is her dad for Christmas. Later CC stands under some mistletoe to try and get Max to kiss her but Fran walks up and gives her a kiss on her cheek. Fran tries to get Max to stay for Christmas. He insists that he has to do this for charity and it’s the only reason he is going away with Miss Babcock. Fran is just completely upset about the whole thing. Miss Babcock suggests Fran gets the kids the presents instead of his personal shopper. Upon Fran’s return from shopping she finds Max trying to put a bike together for Brighton, without much success. Fran went on a shopping spree for the kids, counting on the bonus from Max to cover the checks. It’s Christmas Eve morning and everyone comes downstairs for their day before Christmas celebration. Fran is wearing something she appears to have stolen from Mrs. Clause. They all open their gifts. Max gives Niles his bonus. But Max gives Fran a gift instead of a bonus. She freaks out. Niles offers to lend her the money but she passes because she won’t pay him back. Fran tries to pawn the vase but doesn’t get anything for it. Back at the house Fran and Grace watch a movie. Max prepares to leave with Miss Babcock. Grace is upset. Max thanks her for her service with pretty platitudes. She goes back to buy the vase. She trades her grandmothers watch for the vase to cover the $200 that she got for the vase. At the airport Max learns from Niles what’s actually going on. He wants to help and his flight gets delayed so he can do something. They all meet up at church for midnight mass. Fran decides to go to confession. She and the priest commiserate. Max shows up at the confessional. He gives her the watch back, but it’s not her grandmothers watch. He sits next to her but sits on the vase, impaling his tush. At the hospital, Grace decorates him with tinsel. The Santa from the airport gets wheeled into the same room. He was attacked by Miss Babcock at the airport. Grace announces that she now believes in Santa Claus because she got her Christmas wish. The Santa disappears from his bed and you hear him saying, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

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