Family Matters S01, Ep08 – Mr. Badwrench

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: Mr. Badwrench
Original Air Date: November 17, 1989

Guest Stars:
Susan Merson: Sylvia

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: Why is every kids first word Mama?
Laura: Not Eddie. His first word was “huh?”

* Mother Winslow: Awww, that’s cute. Carl’s first word was doughnut.

* Harriet: No we hired a contractor.
Mother Winslow: Oh good. Only a fool would mess with plumbing.

Synopsis: The kids are playing pictionary. Eddie lost. At breakfast Harriet asks what everyone wants. She decides on eggs, scrambled or raw. Carl comes in and greats everyone. No one can get in the shower as Mother Winslow is in the bathroom. Rachel comes downstairs and announces that Little Richie spoke his firsts word, “Mama.” Carl pretends to voice Richie and Rachel is annoyed. Mother Winslow is out of the bathroom and they all rush to get to it. Mother Winslow is visiting her son Frank for 10 days. When Carl returns from taking his mother to the airport he announces that he is going to put a shower in himself. Harriet begs him not to and reminds him of all the disasters. He decides to get one quote. But he thinks Sylvia is too expensive. He tries to do it himself and enlists Eddie. Hammering a nail into a stud he hits his own hand and thrashes around in pain. He single handedly demolishes the bathroom. Rachel is still trying to get Richie to talk unsuccessfully. Harriet gets a call from Mother Winslow, she ‘s coming back tomorrow night. Carl freaks out and tries to finish the bathroom. In his rush he switches the pipes. The sink runs from the shower and the shower from the sink. Harriet pulls the plug and they get Sylvia to finish. Mama arrives home and Carl tells her about the bathroom. When she sees it she is thrilled. Mother Winslow tells Carl he did a great job. However, he tells her he hired a contractor. She commends him telling him only a fool would mess with plumbing. They leave her to the shower as she begins singing Stormy Weather. In the kitchen Rachel is still trying to get Richie to talk and the batteries die on her tape recorder. She leaves the room to get fresh. Harriet sends Carl off to get the milkshake glasses, however, he can’t find them so she also goes to help. Alone in the kitchen Richie says, “Mama.”

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