Mama’s Family S01, Ep08 – Double Standard

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: Double Standard
Original Air Date: March 12, 1983

Guest Stars:
Steve Nevil: Michael Skinner

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Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: You have to give later curfews to the older kids.
Thelma: Well if you kept doing that by the time they were 21 they wouldn’t be coming home until breakfast.

* Naomi: Sonja did your mama ever talk to you about boys?
Sonja: Well she told me never to marry a locksmith.

* Sonja: I may be leaving this house a girl, but I’m coming back as a woman.
Vint: Don’t you dare come back a woman.

* Naomi: Ms. Harper you just wanted to hook him.
Thelma: It worked.

* Thelma: This is the 1980’s and that girl should have the same curfew as her brother.

* Thelma: Your curfew is up on my couch too. So whatever you’re doing on it, take it to the basement.

Synopsis: The family is eating with Mama. She is telling a story about a friend who died. Vint tells about a woman locking herself out naked. The kids both excuse themselves to get ready for homecoming. Sonja gets mad because Vint is treating her different because she is a girl. Naomi takes the kids sides. Vint goes up to Buzz’s room. He tells Buzz he can stay out until 1am. He tells Buzz about all the teasing he got when he was in school with a 9pm curfew. Vint tries to have a birds and the bees talk with Buzz, but he winds up leading the conversation. Sonja comes down in her dress. Naomi gives her advice about boys. They ask Sonja about her date, Michael, but all her answers are “I don’t know.” The doorbell rings and it’s Sonja’s date. He gets drug in and introduced to all. Let the grilling begin. He also answers every question with “I don’t know.” Buzz’s ride shows up and Vint lets it slip that he extended Buzz’s curfew to 1am. She is angry and Naomi is also angry. Sonja and Vint argue and she storms off. Later that evening Vint, Naomi and Mama are playing cards and watching the clock. It’s nearly midnight. They all discuss the curfews and Naomi sticks up for Sonja. They discuss kids nowadays. The door opens and Buzz comes in. Vint is upset that Buzz is home already. He heads to the kitchen for pudding. They talk and his date did not go well. A door slams and Sonja is back. She did not have a good time. She had to leave the party early. Thelma follows her into the kitchen. They chat and Thelma tells her she went through the same thing. Her brothers got to stay out later too. Sonja gets fired up about gender discrimination. Sonja admits she was only back on time because her date also had a midnight curfew. However, Thelma has cheered her up. Thelma gets fired up and yells at Vint about equal rights.

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