The Curse of Oak Island S03, Ep05 – Disappearing Act

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 3
Episode: 5
Title: Disappearing Act
Original Air Date: December 8, 2015

Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

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iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 3 – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: The brothers meet a new diver, Brad Stabenow, to see if he can handle this dive. They do let him know there will be an ROV going in before him to map out what is there. Brad is game to give it a try. Craig and sons go to “Lot 6” to investigate. This lot was owned by Samuel Ball. His story is unique. He was originally a slave but fought and became free. He owned 9 lots on the island and died very rich. Jack gets a hit on the metal detector. He finds something that looks like a stake or a nail. Jack gets another hit. What they find appears to be a handle. They continue to search the area. Jack finds what looks like a decorative stone wall along the lot. One of the stones is triangle shaped. Back in the vicinity of the money pit the brothers have to fill the Hedden shaft back in because it’s creating instability. They will do a sonar scan of the money pit shaft. Marty wants to see something on the scan before he will spend the money. At dinner they all discuss Lot 6. Jack shows them what they found and tells them about the triangle stone. Craig and company go back to Lot 6 and they take Terry Deveau to get his opinion on the triangle rock. He states this type of rock will fracture in prism shapes, but there is a piece added at the top. He checks out some of the other rocks and stones. It is possible that a smuggle cargo or cache had been buried there. The next day the ROV team arrives. As it goes down the shaft there is visibility all the way down to the smaller shaft. A lot of debris is visible. They are able to see the casing on the 27 inch passage to the bottom. They are able to see metal. It appears to be the drill bar that was lost down the shaft. The 27 inch shaft has not been entered since the drill bar was dropped down. The ROV enters the chamber. There is a straight up and down post. A second vertical structure is found and its a metal casing. Suddenly, the water becomes very murky and visibility drops considerably. Dan Blankenship arrives and they give him a front row seat to the show. As a result of the ROV exploration Brad has decided not to do the dive. He did not believe anything man made was down there. The team discusses their future plans for 10X. The brothers disagree on whether or not to scratch 10X off their search list or not.

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