Hot in Cleveland S04, Ep16 – Pony Up

Season: 4
Episode: 16
Title: Pony Up
Original Air Date: July 17, 2013

Guest Stars:
Eddie Cibrian: Sean
Dave Foley: Bob
Carole Gutierrez: Dr. Hernandez
Lauren Craft: Lisa
Wally Kruth: Mark
July Wittner: Perky Saleswoman

Synopsis: Victoria is depressed because Emmet is in jail. She can’t talk to him or visit him. Melanie asks her to be a spokesperson for kidney donation to take her mind off Emmet. On live TV she volunteers to donate a kidney. She matches with a little girl named Lisa and freaks out. Meanwhile, Joy gets her first case. Bob wants her to honey trap a cheater. While with the cheater Sean comes into the bar. She rekindles a romance with him. Bob, however, becomes jealous and befriends Sean and monopolizes his time. Joy makes him back off. Victoria is informed that she won’t be donating her kidney to Lisa after all because a younger match was found. However, she proves to be the better match after more blood tests. And does indeed donate a kidney.

Click on either link to grab the fourth season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

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Favorite Quotes:

* Victoria: Why are you shop-blocking me?

* Joy: Is that thing loaded?
Elka: One of us is.

* Melanie: Well, we’re having an intervention for Victoria.
Elka: Because of her drinking?
Melanie: No.
Joy: She’s grief-shopping.

* Melanie: I didn’t know you were gonna volunteer on air.
Victoria: I was playing the part of someone who cares. I got caught up in my character.

* Joy: Their bromance is ruining my romance.
Elka: Bros before hos, Joy.

* Bob: So are you asking me to stop seeing him?
Joy: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes. Get your own super-hot brony fireman.


TV Announcer: We have on the line with us Victoria from Cleveland. Tell us, Victoria, why are you so excited about these amazing space bags?
Victoria: Well, the love of my life was recently thrown into prison, and it turns out that jail cells have no closet space at all. I’ll take 500.
Melanie: Victoria! Ms. Chase will not be purchasing space bags at this time. Thank you.
Victoria: Why are you shop-blocking me?
Elka: I heard noises.
Joy: Is that thing loaded?
Elka: One of us is.
Melanie: Well, we’re having an intervention for Victoria.
Elka: Because of her drinking?
Melanie: No.
Joy: She’s grief-shopping.
Victoria: Oh, can you blame me? Emmet’s in jail, I can’t see him, and his lawyers won’t tell me what’s going on.
Melanie: Oh, honey. I know it hurts. But now you have to be strong.
Victoria: Oh, Melanie, you shouldn’t be here trying to cheer me up. You should be back at your apartment with Alec. Joy can stay and keep me company. She has nothing better to do.
Joy: Again for the record, I’m working for a private investigator and going to college.
Victoria: Oh, see? Joy’s rich fantasy life will entertain me.
Melanie: Alec’s out of town, so I can be here as long as you need me.
Victoria: Well, thank you.
Melanie: You know sometimes the best way to get over feeling sorry for yourself is to do something nice for someone else.
Victoria: Yeah, yeah, “in bed. ” We’ve all gotten that fortune cookie.
Melanie: No, No, I’m being serious. My PR agency represents The Kidney Foundation. And Good Morning America is gonna give us an on-air spot.
So we need a beautiful, charismatic spokesperson.
Elka: [Chuckles] All right, I’ll do it.
Joy: She meant Victoria.
Victoria: Selfless through the tears this might be a good role for me. Melanie, you’re right. I need to stop thinking about me and start thinking about me on television.

Bob: So you think you’re ready for your first detective assignment, Joy?
Joy: I know I am.
Bob: Great. ‘Cause I want you to be my honey trap.
Joy: Whatever that is, it’s not gonna happen. So just tell me what the assignment is.
Bob: That is the assignment. A honey trap is an operative who traps a serial cheater in a compromising position. Now this is our Mark.
Joy: Our Mark. [Laughs] The best part about being a detective is getting to use the lingo.
Bob: Lingo? No, his name is Mark.
Joy: Oh. So Mark’s our Patsy.
Bob: No, Patsy’s the wife. Here. That’s her. She’s the one that hired me. Now you’re gonna meet Mark in front of his office. You’ll pretend to fall. When he helps you up, you offer to buy him a drink to say thanks. You take him to a bar where I’ll be ready to snap a picture.
Joy: Ooh, I have the perfect cover story. I’m a down-on-my-luck ballerina nursing a high ankle sprain.
Bob: I’m gonna stop you right there. If a man wanted to hear a woman talk, he’d just stay home with his wife. You just tell him you’re looking for a good time. And whatever he says, you answer with, “I bet you are.”
Joy: This is so exciting. So who do you use as the honey trap when a husband wants to catch his wife cheating?
Bob: Well, me, obviously. I mean, why hire hamburger when you’ve got steak right here?
Joy: And you’ve actually trapped cheating wives?
Bob: Not a one. No. One thing Cleveland can be proud of is how loyal their wives are to their husbands.

Director: Okay, we’re going live on Good Morning America in five, four, three…
Dr. Hernandez: Hi, I’m Dr. Lori Hernandez with the Cleveland clinic. I am here with Hollywood actress Victoria Chase discussing kidney donation.
Victoria: You know, kidney donation is much easier than most people think. I urge all of you to register. You could save a life.
Dr. Hernandez: That’s correct. Right now, there are hundreds of patients in Cleveland waiting for someone to donate a kidney, including Lisa Slopey, just ten years old and in desperate need of a kidney.
Victoria: Oh, what a sweet child. You know, I would give anything to donate my kidney to her, – but unfortunately, I –
Dr. Hernandez: You can. We can take a blood sample and see if you’re a match. It’s quick and simple.
Victoria: No, I I hate to correct you on national television, doctor, but I have an adult kidney, and she needs a little girl kidney, so–
Dr. Hernandez: A common misunderstanding. Kidneys are easily transferred between adults and children. So shall we get you tested?
Victoria: Yes. Absolutely. Kidney donations know the facts first.

Victoria: You said doing something for someone else would make me feel better.
Now I feel worse.
Melanie: I didn’t know you were gonna volunteer on air.
Victoria: I was playing the part of someone who cares. I got caught up in my character.
Melanie: Okay, honey, listen. I’ll take the test too. I’m a really good test taker. I’ll probably be a match.
Victoria: Oh, please. We both know it’ll be me. In the movies, it’s always the star, never the quirky best friend.

Joy: So, Mark, tell me about yourself.
Mark: I’m just a single guy who likes to have a good time.
Joy: I bet you are. Oh, my God. Sean.
Mark: You know that guy?
Joy: Yes, he’s my brother.
Mark: Good-looking family.
Joy: He sure is. I mean, we are. Oh. I just remembered. Mom wants me to tell him something.
Mark: Well, hurry back. I’m eager to hear more about your ballet thingy.
Joy: Huh? Oh, I bet you are. Hi, Sean.
Sean: Joy. Wow. It’s good to see you again.
Joy: You too. How’s Chloe?
Sean: Actually, it didn’t work out with us.
Joy: Oh, that’s a shame. You know, after I broke up with you when I found out you were a you know.
Sean: A brony? Joy, I know you thought it was a little strange. But I am not ashamed to be one of the many bros who are into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Joy: And you shouldn’t be. I’m sorry I was so short-sighted and judgmental. Elka and I actually watched a couple of episodes over margaritas. It was fun. We drank every time we saw a rainbow.
Sean: I’m so happy you’ve opened up to it. Would you like to join me for dinner?
Joy: I’d love to. Would you excuse me? I need to use the little pony’s room.
Bob: Joy, what the hell are you doing?
Joy: Rekindling an old flame.
Bob: You dated him? What is he, rich or something?
Joy: What are you talking about? He’s perfection. He’s a fireman a hero.
Bob: A civil servant? Joy, no, I see you more with a a sexy loner who owns his own business, a ginger-haired man of mystery.
Joy: No. I see myself with him.
Bob: Well, whatever. Quit flirting with that hero and go make out with that zero.
Joy: You’re right. Business before pleasure. Get your camera ready. Look, I’m about to do something that might seem a bit weird. But remember that episode of My Little Pony where Pinkie Dust had to pretend to be someone she’s not to catch her Nemesis, Thunder Tail, being a naughty pony?
Sean: Of course. It’s one of my favorites.
Joy: Well, keep that in mind till I get back.
Mark: Hey. How’s your brother?
Joy: Great. Want to make out?
Mark: Sure. Wow. Should I get a room?
Joy: Yes. In one of those depressing places for divorced men. You’re gonna need it.
Mark: I’m confused.
Joy: I bet you are.

[Cell phone rings]
Melanie: It’s the hospital.
Victoria: You answer it.
Melanie: Hello? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Well, that is wonderful news. Thank you, Dr. Hernandez. It really is good news. Victoria, we’re gonna save a little girl’s life.
Victoria: What do you mean, “we”?
Melanie: Well, mostly you, but I’m gonna be with you every step of the way.
Elka: Except for the step where they bust her open like a pinata and pull out her kidney.
Victoria: Oh, my God! This isn’t happening. Any surgery that doesn’t have the word “plastic” before it is pointless. I blame you, Melanie.
Melanie: I know it’s scary, but it really is a very simple operation. And and the scar is much smaller than it used to be.
Victoria: Oh, my God. I forgot about the scar.
Elka: Oh, big deal. You keep saying you’re way too old to still be wearing a bikini.
Victoria: I never said that.
Elka: Maybe I said it. Point is, it’s been said.

Bob: Jack. Straight up. Hey. Bob.
Sean: Sean.
Bob: Beer, huh? Popular drink with alcoholics.
Sean: Actually, I prefer to do everything in moderation.
Bob: Mm. Except work out, huh? Or do you take steroids? I mean, you don’t get a body like that hitting the gym once a week. I learned that the hard way. Hey, what’s with all these napkins with phone numbers on them?
Sean: Ah, you know how women are.
Bob: [Laughs] I certainly do. Well, that’s odd. You got all seven digits.
Sean: You know, you’re a funny guy.
Bob: Yeah. Guess you must have a different gal every night of the week, huh?
Sean: Well, actually, I prefer to date one woman at a time. In fact, I’m meeting somebody here tonight that I really like.
Bob: Prostitute. Makes sense. No muss, no fuss.
Sean: No, she’s not a prostitute.
Bob: No? So what do you do for kicks?
Sean: I like vintage video games.
Bob: Mm-hmm.
Sean: Halo, King’s Quest, Half-Life.
Bob: Half-Life? Oh. I love Half-Life. Yeah. My screen name is Mr. Bates, from Downton Abbey.
Sean: You’re Mr. Bates?
Bob: Yeah.
Sean: Dude! I think you fragged me.
Bob: No way.
Sean: [Laughs] Yeah! – [Laughs] – And I love Downton Abbey. It’s one of my favorites. I have five episodes DVR’d right now.
Bob: Oh, well, spoiler alert the estate is being mismanaged.
Sean: No.
Bob: I know.
Joy: Bob? What a surprise. What are you doing here with Sean?
Bob: Wha Sean? You know Joy?
Sean: Joy, you know Bob?
Joy: He’s my boss. Shall we get a table?
Bob: Yeah, I could eat.
Sean: Okay. I’ll ask the hostess for a bigger table.
Joy: Great.
Bob: Wow, what a crazy coincidence, huh?
Joy: This is no coincidence. What are you up to?
Bob: Joy, for professional reasons, you and I cannot be lovers.
Joy: Oh, God.
Bob: But I still care about you. So I came down here to check out this Sean guy, see if he’s good enough for you. And good news is he is. And it may just be the Jack talking, but he’s pretty easy on the peepers.

Joy: Damn.
Melanie: Sean still not returning your texts?
Joy: He and Bob turn their phones off when they’re watching Downton, or playing Half-Life or going to baseball games. Their bromance is ruining my romance.
Elka: Bros before hos, Joy.
Melanie: Elka!
Elka: Did I say it wrong? They’re the bros, she’s the ho. No, that’s right.
Victoria: I’ve got a plan. All right, everyone’s heard the story of someone who wakes up in a hotel bathtub full of ice missing a kidney, right?
Melanie: Yeah.
Victoria: All right. I need to find the guy who does that.
Joy: You seriously want to steal someone else’s kidney?
Victoria: Well, it’s what’s happening to me. I’m paying it forward.
Melanie: Yes, it’s an operation. And yes, it’s a big deal. But there is a little girl out there that is going to live because you do this.
Joy: If she does it. Well, I’m half afraid I’m gonna wake up without a kidney.
Elka: I’m locking my door.
[Cell phone rings]
Victoria: Hello? Yes? Oh, I see. You’re going in a different direction. With someone younger. [Laughs] No, of course I’m disappointed, but I understand.
Melanie: Did you lose a part?
Victoria: Nope. I gained one. They found a better match. I am keeping my kidney. Oh! So many emotions are fighting each other right now. Happiness, euphoria, utter joy.
Joy: Then why did you sound so sad on the phone?
Victoria: Well, so I’d still get credit for wanting to do it. Oh, this is even better than when I told my children I’d take them to Disneyland, and they all got chicken pox.

Joy: Is that Sean’s jacket?
Bob: Yeah. He loaned it to me when we went to the Indians game together and I got a little bit chilly. [Sniffs] It still smells like him.
Joy: Look, Bob. I realize Sean is a nice guy.
Bob: Really nice.
Joy: And he’s fun to be with.
Bob: Super fun.
Joy: But I need you to back off, so I can spend more time with my boyfriend.
Bob: So are you asking me to stop seeing him?
Joy: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes. Get your own super-hot brony fireman.
Bob: Where, Joy? Where?

Sean: I don’t understand why we can’t hang out anymore. Was it something I did?
Bob: No, it’s not you. It’s me.
Sean: But you said–
Bob: Look, we both said a lot of things. It doesn’t mean they weren’t all real and true at the time. Look, we can still be friends.
Sean: But that’s what we are.
Bob: Yeah. Look, this whole thing is getting a little confusing. But Look, we’ll still see each other around, all right?

Lisa: Thank you so much for letting me come over.
Victoria: Oh, I’m so glad that we got to meet. Though I am just devastated that I can’t give you my kidney.
Lisa: That’s okay. I mean, I found a match ’cause you did that news thing. Plus, I’m such a big fan.
Victoria: Really? Oh, you know my work?
Lisa: They played DVDs of Edge of Tomorrow when I get my dialysis.
Victoria: Oh, that must be fun.
Lisa: I’m really sorry about your boyfriend being in jail and everything. Are you sad about it?
Victoria: Well, yeah. Of course I am, but oh, honey, it’s nothing compared to what you’re going through.
Lisa: I wish people wouldn’t do that. Not talk about stuff because I’m sick.
Victoria: I’m sorry. Okay, I’ll talk about it. Well, it’s horrible actually. I’m engaged to this wonderful man and all I want to do is marry him, but–
Lisa: So get married.
Victoria: What, in prison?
Lisa: Who cares? You’ll still be married.
Victoria: You’re absolutely right. I mean, why should I stay home and feel sorry for myself? I have to just believe that everything is going to turn out okay and keep moving forward with my life.
Lisa: That’s what I do.
Victoria: Thank you, Lisa. You have made me feel so much better. [Cell phone chimes] Oh, excuse me. Oh, my God.
Lisa: What?
Victoria: It’s a text from the hospital. And it is really good news for me. They did some more tests. And it turns out that that other kidney isn’t gonna work out, so I get to give you my kidney after all.
Lisa: Really?
Victoria: Yes. And I am really glad that a part of me is going to be a part of you.
Lisa: Me too. Wow. I’m going to have a celebrity kidney. [Laughs] Can I go and tell my mom? She’s waiting in the car.
Victoria: Absolutely, honey. So I guess I’ll just see you in a few days in the operating room. Hmm?
Lisa: [Laughs] Yeah.
Melanie: We were listening the whole time. I’m very proud of you.
Elka: I sure would have bet against you doing that.
Melanie: You did bet against it. Pay up. You too, Joy.
Joy: She hasn’t done it yet.

Bob: Mr. Ackerman, I’m pleased to report that your wife is definitely not cheating on you. And I sent my best man. He’s sexual catnip. She shut him right down. A little rudely, I hear. Nope. That is one faithful woman you are married to. All right. Good night, sir.
Joy: “Sexual catnip”?
Bob: Yeah. I’m thinking of changing my half-life name to sexual catnip.
Joy: Well, it’s better than Master Bates.
Bob: It’s Mister Bates.
Sean: Oh, hey, Joy. You ready for dinner?
Joy: Yeah. Let me just get my things.
Bob: Hey, Sean.
Sean: Bob.
Bob: Well. You’re looking good.
Sean: You find my black T-shirt?
Bob: Uh, no. I haven’t been able to do that. Sorry.
Sean: All right, well, I guess I’ll see you around.
Bob: Yeah, yeah. We’ll see you around.
Joy: I’ll meet you at the elevator. Thanks for giving him back to me. You’re a good man.
Bob: Hey, you know, if it doesn’t work out between you and him, I’m always available to step in.
Joy: With me or him?
Bob: Yes.
Joy: Good night, Bob.

Victoria: [Rings bell] The hero kidney donor is a little chilly. She’d like that blanket.
Elka: Well, she can’t have it because it’s a gift.
Melanie: Elka made it for Emmet. I thought he might like something to cuddle up with to remind him of what’s waiting for him when he gets out.
Victoria: Thank you. [Rings bell] The hero kidney donor would like some breakfast. Elka, I would like my initials in my cappuccino foam. And not the two letters you put in there yesterday.
Joy: I say we poison her.
Elka: She’s only got the one kidney. It wouldn’t take much.

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