The Nanny S01, Ep06 – The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother
Original Air Date: December 8, 1993

Guest Stars:
Renée Taylor: Sylvia Fine
Nancy Frangione: Marsha
Ian Abercrombie: Butler Inspector #1
Brian George: Butler Inspector #2
Zack Norman: Uncle Jack
Adam Hendershott: Kevin

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Well to each his own, unless Duchess was a sheep dog.

* Fran: There’s a chance I’ll fall off the chair, but you don’t see me wearing a seat belt.

* Uncle Jack: You caught a husband.
Marsha: Thank God you’re not an old maid anymore.

* Niles: This is a big favor you’re asking.
Fran: So is keeping my mouth shut about the crack in the Ming Vase.

* Niles: It’s just Niles, like Cher.

* Marsha: Did you hear that? She’s just the nanny.
Maggie: Who asked you anyway, you big green cow?

* Sylvia: I wouldn’t trade my Fran for all the Marsha’s in Miami.

Synopsis: Fran and Niles are hunting for a mouse in the house. Niles is freaked out because a butler’s association is coming to inspect the house shortly. Max is preparing to take the kids to the Museum. It’s to celebrate Brighton being elected as class president. Fran starts telling a story about Uncle Jack and Marsha, they flee to the museum. Later that day the doorbell rings and it’s Fran’s Mom. She is not happy about her lunch with Frank and Marsha. But she gave them a big made up story about Fran and Max. And then Sylvia drops a bomb, they’re parking and will be in shortly. Sylvia uses guilt to get Fran to play along, and their insulting makes it easier. She tries to get them to leave, but they refuse until they meet her husband. As Niles goes to leave she gets him to pretend to be Max. When asked about the kids “Max” informs them they went to the museum. The doorbell rings and it’s two people from the butler’s association. She informs them that Niles isn’t there (as he is pretending to be Max). However, Max and the kids come back home unexpectedly. Now Max is “Niles.” They call conference in Max’s office. Niles and Fran work try to convince Max to pretend to be Niles. The kids are on Fran and Niles side. But Max wants nothing to do with it. Back in the living room Jack asks for something to drink but “Max” walks away. When the butler people make comment Niles and Fran try to use guilt. But Marsha makes a smart remark about Fran and Max becomes Niles. So Max heads to the kitchen to fetch the drinks and snacks. The doorbell rings again. One of Brighton’s classmates, Kevin, comes over. The truth comes out that Brighton lost the election. During Max and Fran’s chat with Brighton Fran becomes enlightened. She storms into the living room and tells the whole truth. Marsha becomes snide. Maggie comes to Fran’s defense. Then Max makes a nice speech. And finally Sylvia finishes them off. The butlers welcome Niles into the association. The doorbell rings again and it’s Miss Babcock and she blows it all. Fran stops them and comes to Niles and Max’s defense. Niles is still in.

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