The Nanny S01, Ep05 – Here Comes the Brood

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: Here Comes The Brood
Original Air Date: December 6, 1993

Guest Stars:
Renée Taylor: Sylvia Fine
Allen Bloomfield: Uncle Myron
Blake McIver Ewing: Robby
Lila Garrett: Lady in Ladies’ Room

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Favorite Quotes:

* CC: Did she just spit on that napkin and rub it on his face?
Fran: I brushed.

* CC: Daddy? Did I miss the wedding?
Niles: That twitch becomes you.

* Max: Yes she’s proven to be an absolute treasure.
CC: How lucky we are that you dug her up.

* CC: Maxwell, it’s a natural thing. It’s a female thing.
Niles: I hear some females eat their young.

*Grace: I don’t want to go to the zoo. I had nightmares about fangs and claws and snarling.
Maggie: Gracie they keep the animals in cages.
Brighton: She’s talking about CC.

* CC: I don’t care. All day long it’s Fran, Fran, Fran. If I hear the F word one more time.

* Fran: It’s true I get paid for taking care of you. But I don’t get paid extra for loving you, and I do.
Grace: I love you too.

Synopsis: CC arrives and Fran ushers the kids off to school. Fran rubs something off Max’s face and CC becomes jealous. CC tries to ingratiate herself by volunteering to take the kids to the zoo with Max. It’s zoo day. Grace does not want to go. Max has a toothache and doesn’t want to go to the dentist. It’s Fran’s day off and Grace would like her to stay, but she has to be a bridesmaid. CC arrives looking ready for a safari. Fran puts her foot down and forces Max to go to the dentist and not the zoo. The kids are going to the zoo with just CC. When they get back CC is not happy, there is puke in her pith helmet. CC decides to be evil and says the only reason Fran spends time with them is because she’s paid too. Grace becomes upset and runs upstairs. Meanwhile, at her mothers house Fran is wearing a violent pink dress with giant yellow roses. The doorbell rings and it’s Grace. When questioned Grace admits she ran way, she took a limo. Max comes back from the dentist in a bad mood. CC lies about the zoo trip. Fran calls Max and asks to speak with Grace. CC goes to get Grace but comes back saying she’s gone. Grace gets on the phone and Max is shocked. Fran tells him to meet them at the wedding. Max and CC arrive at the reception. Grace nearly gets smothered by CC to prevent her from telling the truth. Grace becomes upset because she feels that Fran only spends time with them because she is paid to. Max becomes upset with her. While they argue Grace disappears. Sylvia informs them she’s in the bathroom. Fran calms her down. Max and Grace dance. Fran gives an extra evil eye to CC and makes clear she’ll not stand for her hurting the kids. CC’s punishment is that she has to sit in a chair and watch a kid perform a tap act over and over.

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