The Nanny S01, Ep04 – The Nuchslelp

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Nuchslelp
Original Air Date: November 24, 1993

Guest Stars:
James Marsden: Eddie (as Jimmy Marsden)
Fritzi Burr: Woman at the Movie
Aaron Heyman: Man at the Movie
Chester Drescher: The Chester

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Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: I must say you have very skillful lips.
Fran: Oh honey, you don’t know the half of it.

* Grace: Oh this bags greasy.
Fran: Hmm, extra flavor.

* Fran: Why aren’t you sleeping?
Niles: I was but I put on so much eucalyptus rub I dreamt I was being attacked by a giant koala.

* Maggie: It was horrible. I sat there like a lump.
Brighton: Well so do mashed potatoes and everyone loves them.

* Max: Must you make everyone like you? Even the dog preferred you over CC.

* Maggie: Do you know how humiliated I feel, losing my boyfriend to my nanny?

* Fran: Go take a walk with your boyfriend and let this pushy old broad eat her ribs in peace.

Synopsis: Niles is sick. Fran takes his temperature and sends him to bed. She then calls for take out. Max requests she make sure Grace gets a good fortune. The Chinese food finally arrives and Eddie is the delivery guy. Maggie and Eddie talk. Fran lets he pay him and pick the tip. Niles catches her eavesdropping. Eddie asks Maggie out and she says yet. Now they have to get Max on board. It’s CC’s birthday and Max gives her a gift, a dog. She was expecting an engagement ring. When she picks up the dog, he growls at her. Fran walks in and the dog just loves her and showers her with kisses. Fran suggests calling him Chester. She sticks around and tries to negotiate Maggie’s date. When he finds out who the boy is he agrees on one condition. Fran has to be the chaperon (nuchslelp). Fran’s upset at having to be the “tag-along.” She tells Maggie that she has to go with them. Maggie is relieved. At the movies they ask a couple to move down and the couple makes fun of Fran. It’s breakfast at the house and Niles has recovered. Max asks Maggie about her date, but she doesn’t think it went well. Eddie calls, but he wants to speak to Fran. He wants to see Fran Friday night and Maggie gets angry. Max tries to coax Maggie out of her room but fails. Fran blames Max for the whole fiasco because she should not have been a chaperon. This wasn’t an issue with the other nannies, they were older and had whiskers. Then he gives Fran an idea. She goes up to Maggie’s room with some Mallomars. Fran gives her the “girlfriends code” talk. Friday night arrives. The doorbell rings and Fran lets Eddie in. He brought her some spare ribs. She chews him out. He comes clean that he just wants her to give Mr. Sheffield his picture and resume. He didn’t ask Maggie because he didn’t want her to think he was using her. She goes into the butlers pantry and finds the entire household. Maggie and Eddie go for a walk. Niles announces Miss Babcock. She has a fox around her neck and they thought it was the dog. But he’s ok.

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