Family Matters S01, Ep04 – Rachel’s First Date

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: Rachel’s First Date
Original Air Date: October 13, 1989

Guest Stars:
Peter Fitzsimmons: Alan

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mother Winslow: Well don’t go to one of them slasher movies. You know how they give you nightmares.
Harriet: You got that right. Every time he sees one he sleeps with a night light on.
Carl: Well now what’s wrong with that?
Harriet: It’s got a 200 watt blub.

* Carl: Rachel, you’ve got to start dating again. You’re driving us nuts.
Harriet: Thank you, Officer Tact.

* Carl: When you think she’ll notice she forgot the baby?
Harriet: I think she’ll notice when she tries to burp the bag.

* Rachel: No, it’s too sexy. I don’t want him to think I’m sexy.
Harriet: Is it ok if he thinks you’re a woman?
Rachel: Not on the first date.

*Rachel: What do people do on dates now?
Harriet: They do what they’ve always done.
Rachel: Oh, Harriet, that’s not good.

Synopsis: Urkel drops by to see Laura, but she’s not home. Carl is making a sundae and Urkel tricks him out of it. In the kitchen Carl, Harriet and Mother Winslow talk. Carl and Harriet are going to a movie. The kids come down stairs fighting. The girls head off to a slumber party. Carl and Harriet are excited about their romantic date, but Rachel decides to tag along and kills the romance. Carl is not happy. The come back and Carl is crankier than when they left. Carl wants to talk with Rachel and put an end to the tag along. As they relax on the couch Rachel takes over and Carl comes out with it very bluntly. Harriet tries to soften the blow. Rachel isn’t exactly interested in dating anyone right now, but she agrees to go out with Alan the next time he calls. The next day Carl is calling everyone in the phone book who’s name matches Alan. He’s worried he has given up. Rachel and Richie come home. The phone rings and Harriet answers, it’s Alan. Carl is thrilled. He asks her out again and as she starts to blow him off, Harriet gives her a look. They are going out to dinner on Tuesday. Rachel is getting ready for her date with Alan but she cannot decide what to wear. She’s nervous and Harriet tries to calm her. Downstairs Eddie is playing cards with Laura, and he’s losing even though he’s using a marked deck. The doorbell rings and Carl is excited to Alan. Laura volunteers to deal him some poker, so Carl sends her up to get Rachel. Rachel’s door opens and Laura announces Alan is there, but Rachel starts melting down. Harriet tasks Laura with entertaining Alan in the meantime. Carl goes up to deal with Rachel. Eddie tries to do a magic trick and it fails. Upstairs, Harriet looses her patience with Rachel. Judy and Mother Winslow come home. They sold 232 boxes of girl scout cookies and set a new record. Mother Winslow goes to find out what’s keeping Rachel. Harriet kicks Carl out as he’s not helping. Mother Winslow talks with Rachel. She’s upset because she feels like she’s cheating on her deceased husband. Mother Winslow is able to calm her down and she decides to go on her date after all. Downstairs, Laura and Judy are providing some musical entertainment for Alan. Rachel finally comes down and she and Alan go on their date. Harriet and Carl enjoy some time on the back porch as Rachel comes out to announce she is home. She might see him again.

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