The Nanny S01, Ep03 – My Fair Nanny

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: My Fair Nanny
Original Air Date:

Guest Stars:
Dorothy Lyman: Maureen Wentworth
Nikki Cox: Cindy Wentworth
Heather Lynne Allen: Harpist
Magda Harout: Madam Moleska (as Maga Harout)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: You’re not going to lose it. A kit is like a really cute guy, you give him some slack and let him fly free. Then at the end of the day you yank his string and real him back in.

* C.C.: You’ll love it. I was a debutant. It’s the only way to meet the right people, make the right connections, marry the right man.
Grace: But you never got married.
Niles: Good one.

* Fran: Bobby could sing. You should hear his records.
Grace: What’s a record?

* Grace: He’s not really my type. I’m torn between Barney and Ted Koppel.

* Fran: In other words a freak in the sideshow.

* Max: We have 24 hours to turn this breath of fresh air into a stale, pretentious snob.
Niles. In other words, Miss Babcock.

* Max: That’s because we’re British.
Niles: Yes. We can say anything we like and people think it’s Shakespeare.

* Maureen: What lovely artifact. Is it Mayan?
Fran: No it’s his’n.

* Maggie: I can’t believe you dressed up like a geek and ruined my party. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.

* Maggie: So what do you say we go throw a party that will kill C.C.?
Fran: Oh, now you’re thinking like a deb.

Synopsis: Fran tries to get Max and Brighton to play catch. Maggie is nervous about going to the park and losing her kite. At breakfast Fran quizzes Brighton on country capitals, but Gracie is the only one who knows the answers. C.C. comes in excited. She announces she ran into Maureen Wentworth, they came over on the Mayflower. As a result Maggie has been invited to be a junior deb. Maggie doesn’t want to be a deb. Fran agrees with C.C. shocking everyone. But she thinks it will help Maggie come out of her shell. Maggie is upset. The deb’s snub her at school. Fran gives her advice on infiltrating the “popular” group of girls. Using Fran’s strategy she gets into this group. She’s talking to Cindy Wentworth. C.C. freaks out when she finds out that Fran is hosting a society tea, potluck style. C.C. tells her she is not qualified to host a society tea. In Max’s office he’s playing with a baseball. He has Niles go in the hall to throw him the ball, but he breaks a vase instead. Max finds out that Fran hired a fortune teller for a society tea. He’s very worried. Fran comes in worried and neither Max or Niles calm her fears. She doesn’t want to embarrass Maggie. They try to teach Fran how to be like Miss Babcock. Max and Niles go through her entire closet trying to find something appropriate. They settle on converting her dress bag into a dress. Fran makes her entrance at the party. The boys gush because they succeeded in her transformation. The kids are bored at the party though. Max and Niles try to keep her on track at the party. Maggie pulls Fran aside and says she’s not happy with the party. Fran goes after her. Maggie asks her why she is not being herself. So Fran becomes herself again. They play actual music and the party and the harpist plays along. Maureen tells her family story. Fran tells her. Max runs the ice cream sundae bar. Maureen gushes over Fran. The fortune teller doesn’t give C.C. a tall, dark, handsome anything.

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