The Curse of Oak Island S01, Ep01 – What Lies Below

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: What Lies Below
Original Air Date: January 5, 2014

Episode Cast:
Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse

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Synopsis: Two brothers, Rich and Marty, are trying to solve a 200 year old mystery. Is there something buried on Oak Island? Rick has been obsessed since he was 11 with the history, myth and lore of the island. Marty speaks of the early 1900’s and planks buried below the surface. They get to about 20 feet deep, with a new platforms every 10 feet. At 90 feet there is a stone. Someone sets off a booby trap and the shaft floods. It was nicknamed “the money pit.” Some believe its The Knights of Templar treasure, some believe its Spanish treasure and some believe it’s Shakespeare original manuscripts. Marty is an oil engineer and he hopes to adapt some of those techniques to this situation. They do core samples and look through the drilling cast off. They find some pottery shards.

Five months later: The test results on the pottery shards were inclusive. They visit bore hole 10X. It’s 180 feet away from the money pit and was dug by hand to a depth of 135 feet by Dan Blankenship. He was attempting to avoid the water traps. But 10X eventually flooded as well. Dave Blankenship joins them at 10X. They send a robotic camera down 10X. The camera gets close to the bottom and they are seeing things. They drive to Dan Blankenship’s house to discuss what was seen. They want to take him to the “war room” to show him the footage. Dan sees the top of a tunnel in the footage as well as an anchor. They see what looks like it could be a support beam, but the video coverage cuts out. Somehow, all the video has now erased. Marty’s plan is to pump the water out of 10X, through a sediment tank and sift through it to find any evidence of a treasure. The oddity is that the money pit and 10X are the only holes on the island that have salt water/ocean water. All the other wells that have been drilled on the island have fresh water. The water is draining to Smith’s Cove. Smith’s Cove is also man made. The popular theory is that the water system that has flooded the money pit and 10X resides here. At Smith’s Cove Rick finds something that looks like an elephant tusk just rising out of the water. He has no idea what it is, but he calls Marty to tell him about it. Marty and a few others go down to check it out. Rick cannot budge whatever this tusk-like item is. The area is known to be a place traveled frequently by people coming to the new world. It was also a popular place for pirates. Marty asks his son, Alex who is a diver, to come out and help. The pumping of 10X continues. They rent a boat and head out to Smith’s Cove to dive it. They touch upon the feud between Fred Nolan and Dan Blankenship. Fred found several boulders that form a cross. As a result of the cross this spawned the theory that their could be a religious treasure somewhere on the island. Rick believes that while some of the drain tunnels may have collapsed, but he believes that one tunnel may still be functional. Previously, there was a dye test. Dye was placed in the money pit and then water was pumped into it. It seeped into the sea at Smith’s Cove and several other points on the south shore of the island. At this point Rick and Marty have decided to trace the source of the water and stop it so that the shafts can be drained and a full excavation can be done. They give Dave an update and let him know that his son Alex will be diving off Smith’s Cove. They do a first check on the settling tank. They find a piece of metal inside of a rock.

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