The Nanny S01, Ep02 – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Original Air Date: November 10, 1993

Guest Stars:
Carol Channing: Herself
Rachel Chagall: Val Toriello
Ann Morgan Guilbert: Yetta Rosenberg (as Ann Guilbert)
Jonathan Baker: Director
Esther Lapidus: Auditioner (as Esther Lapiduss)
Michael C. McCarthy: David (as Michael McCarthy)
Blanche Rubin: Old Lady
Timothy Thompson: Pianist

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Favorite Quotes:

* Val: I’m dropping dead.
Niles: Mission accomplished.

* Fran: Let’s not be paranoid.
Grace: I’m not paranoid. Who said I was?

* Max: Why isn’t there any new talent in this town? The man in my office is positively ancient. He’s not composing, he’s decomposing.

* Niles: Oops, these things can get soo sticky.

* Max: I think I just had a small stroke.
Fran: Does that mean we’re not going to the carnival?

* Fran: Can you believe he sent me to my room? He is so adorable sometimes.

Synopsis: Val makes her first visit to the mansion. She thinks its gorgeous. While talking the kids come home, fighting. Brighton is being horrible to his sisters. To try and get him to stop they tell him a story about a kid much worse. In the kitchen Maggie upset over a pimple. Brighton’s school is having a carnival. Max’s composer’s meetings. Fran invites Max to the carnival, but he’s too busy. Brighton comes home from school with a note from the headmaster, he’s in trouble for smoking. He tries to trick Fran into signing a note, but it doesn’t work. She reads the note and blows up at him. He tries to turn in on her with the story she told him. But she doesn’t fall for his blackmail attempt. In the kitchen she’s mulling over her problem and winds up sounding like her mother. Max is still auditioning composers and coming up empty. Fran tries to tell him what happened, but he cuts her off and tells her to handle it. At breakfast Max announces that he is going to the carnival with them. Fran tries to get out of the carnival but fails. Fran tells Max the truth about Brighton smoking and he flips his lid. Brighton surprises Fran and doesn’t tell on her. They argue and he sends her to her room. Max and C.C. are at the theater auditioning people and he doesn’t like anyone, not even Carol Channing. Fran comes down to talk and nearly gets to sing. She tells him the truth about where Brighton got the idea to smoke. Max thinks Brighton actually likes Fran and that’s why he did not turn her in. For punishment Fran calls her Mom. They wind up taking Brighton to see Grandma Yetta at her home, and she smokes like a chimney. She finds out and gets upset with Brighton. Yetta takes him to meet Ethel “phlegm in a hair net.”

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