Mama’s Family S01, Ep02 – For Better or For Worse

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: For Better or For Worse
Original Air Date: January 29, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Naomi: Ms. Harper, it’s me Naomi.
Mama: Well good Lord, there goes my appetite.

* Mama: Now don’t be giving me the rush act, I want to go and get me some milk.

* Naomi: Well sometimes I think you need to lend fate a helping hand Vint. I believe that when opportunity knocks you oughta just reach right out and grab for it.
Vint: Oh gosh.

* Naomi: You just gotta wait for the right deal to come along. And you will score. You will score big.

* Vint: You know my Mama would die if she thought this was going on down here.
Naomi: Honey, your Mama would die if she thought this was going on anywhere.

* Thelma: (gasping) Her. Him. Here.
Fran: What are you talking about?
Thelma: Naomi. Oates.
Fran: Her. Him. Here?

* Mama: If you want to throw your life away on the dregs of humanity, fine. But not under my roof!
Vint: Well fine, there are plenty other roofs in this town besides yours.
Mama: Well why the hell couldn’t you find one when you were looking for a free place to live?!!

* Naomi: Magic moments between a man and a woman are spiritual and ought not to be screwed with.

* Naomi: I have been called a great many things by a great many people, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna take it form you – you blue haired old dragon.

* Mama: Well if he had stayed on his feet in the basement last night, we wouldn’t have a problem right now.

* Mama: Frannie?
Fran: Yes, Thelma?
Mama: Did I just tell Vinton and what’s her name that they could have their wedding here in my house?
Fran: Yes Thelma.
Mama: Well why in the hell didn’t you stop me?

Synopsis: Mama calls down to the basement telling Vint that supper is ready. At the table Aunt Fran is trying to show Sonia how to arrange the table setting. Vint tells Mama he’s not eating with the family but going down to the Bigger Jigger. Mama is livid and makes him eat with the family. Naomi comes in the back door and tells the family that she sold her house and will be moving away. Vint and Naomi discuss how much she sold her house for. Vint suggests they go to the Bigger Jigger. Vint comes back very late and drunk. He brings Naomi. They go down to his basement room. Mama hears a noise and comes down before they make it there and Noami hides. When Mama goes in the kitchen, Naomi sneaks back into the living room. She sneaks back into the kitchen when Mama goes back into the living room. Vint meets Naomi back in the kitchen and they drink some beer. He tells her about his TV Guide collection. She asks if Mr. Ed, her favorite TV show, ever made the cover. Vint tells her he was on the cover twice. He offers to show her the covers, which are in the basement (which is also his room). Vint gushes over Naomi and tells her he had a crush on her. As they are talking Vint says he’s sad she’ll be moving away. She makes a play for him. They hokey pokey the night away. The next morning Thelma is in the kitchen and Fran walks in earlier than usual. She has to get up earlier to be able to use the bathroom. Naomi sneaks out of the basement and exits the back door, but Thelma sees her. She runs to the back window and confirms what she saw. She starts hyperventilating. As she clutches the refrigerator door a panicked Fran keeps asking her what’s the matter. Thelma uses arm signals with single words to communicate with Fran that Naomi spent the night with Vint. Fran starts to freak out tool. Mama hollers bloody murder for Vint. Thelma sits at the table. Vint sits as well. Mama is clearly pissed. She starts in on him but he doesn’t understand what she is talking about. So she spells it out. He tries to cover saying she was passed out drunk. He defends Naomi. They fight and she goes to her room. At the Bigger Jigger he tells Naomi that he can’t see her anymore. She tries to make him feel better. She tells him how good last night was and brings up an investment opportunity in Arizona. A mobile home park, but the owner wants a couple. They decide to get married and take the trailer park opportunity. Vint tells the kids, they are ok with it. Mama is furious. Buzz thanks him for not leaving them behind. Vint tries to explain to Mama what is going on. The second he mentions Naomi she flips. Naomi comes over and tries to hug Fran, but she runs away. Mama calls Naomi a tramp and a war ensues. Naomi defends Vint to Thelma. He tells Mama he’s gonna marry Naomi and they are moving to Arizona. Mama is not happy. Mama gets upsets that they are going to get married at City Hall. In her rage she offers to have the wedding at her house. And when she realizes what she’s done, she regrets it.

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