The Nanny S01, Ep01 – The Nanny

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: The Nanny
Original Air Date: November 3, 1993

Guest Stars:
Renée Taylor: Sylvia Fine
Rachel Chagall: Val Toriello
Jonathan Penner: Danny Imperiali
Dee Dee Rescher: Dottie
James Marsden: Eddie (as Jimmy Marsden)
Ray Johnson: Piano Player
Curtis Hood: Investor Man

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Favorite Quotes:

* Ms. Babcok: Theater has always been a passion of mine.
Niles: Mmm. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be mounting next.

* Maxwell: You read Esquire?
Fran: When they list the 10 most eligible widowers I do.

* Gracie: Oh you have no idea how complicated I am.

* Max: I over-reacted, didn’t I?
Niles: Like Reagan in Greneda.

* Fran: Why can’t I find a man like him? Deaf and on a pension.

* Max: You have plastic on the furniture.
Fran: Yeah, they’re preserving it for the afterlife.

Synopsis: Fran is working at the bridal salon with a customer. She asks when Danny and Fran will tie the knot. She busts his chops about it and he then breaks up with her. It’s Heather Biblo. And he fires her and hires Heather Biblo. Fran is selling door to door cosmetics. She rings the door bell and Niles answer, he assumes she is there for the nanny position. Mr. Sheffield is trying to cast is play unsuccessfully as Niles enters the room to announce Fran Fine. Ms Babcock freaks out that isn’t a current nanny. There is a backers meeting and she does not want the children to ruin it. Maxwell introduces himself. She gives him a resume written in lipstick. The kids come home. Fran gushes over Maggie. Max talks to the kids. The nanny agency calls and can’t get him anyone before Monday. He reluctantly hires her for the weekend. Niles shows her to her room. The next morning Fran comes down in her robe. There is an event that evening so they will be going out. The kids inform her that they are not invited to the party. Fran doesn’t take no for answer. She tells the kids they’ll get all done up. Fran takes them to get some party clothes. Val works at the shop. It’s Danny’s bridal shop. Luckily, he’s getting his back waxed so he’ll be out all day. Back at the house the party is in full swing. Fran makes her entrance at the party and gets serenaded by the piano man. The kids come down all dressed up. Mr. Sheffield, still not trusting Brighton, pats him down. Maggie makes her entrance and he is shocked how much like her mother she looks. Max introduces his kids to the party. They say good night to the guests. CC is drunk. Max puts the last check in his office and finds Maggie making out with a boy. Fran gushes with happiness and Max is offended. Max goes off on Fran and then fires her. She leaves in tears. In his office Max realizes he over-reacted about the kiss. Niles gives Max a Miss Fine kind of sandwich. At Fran’s parents she’s chatting with her mom over a Malomar. The doorbell rings and it’s Mr. Sheffield. They talk and he asks her to come back.

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