Star Wars

Star Wars 1978 #13

The ship is a massive floating city. It’s policy is to cannibalize all metal and machinery and to kill all off worlders. The governor still wants to take apart R2D2 and C3PO, however, they are proving their worth by repairing… Read More ›

Star Wars 1978 #12

Luke and his droids are stuck on this water planet that they have nicknamed Doomworld. The species riding the water creature is somehow making the creature that was attacking them, push the spaceship. R2D2 has detected craft in the area…. Read More ›

Star Wars 1978 #11

Han, Chewie and the Falcon leave the planet Aduba-3. Han calculates a hyperspace jump. They talk about the team they just worked with and how well they all worked together. Han would even team up with them again. But he… Read More ›

Star Wars 1978 #10

Han and his team are doing their best to save the village, but the monster is making it harder. No one believed the old shamen. Is this monster going to destroy the invaders? The leader of the raiders heard stories… Read More ›