Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 65

Luke is on trial for treason and desertion. It’s about Brie Shira’s death. Everything is rehashed from her ship being blown up to him getting the data from the vault confirming she worked for the Empire. The tribunal votes to acquit Luke of all charges and reinstate his rank of commander. Back on base, he is congratulated. (on this page a character has been drawn in the image of Dolly Parton, it’s quite good. My version of an easter egg). Several mechanics are starting their shift. One is tired. A rock he got from Golbrath was flashing a lot the previous night. In Leia’s chambers, she and Luke talk. They are interrupted. The rock that kept the mechanic awake all night is a problem. When the stone is analyzed it’s found to have memories that it can replay. One of these memories is when Luke had crimson fever. Princess Leia freaks out. They built a plant out of this rock. It could hold the information about everything they have done and where they are right now. The order is given to go back to Golbrath. The Squadron races for Golbrath to get there before the Empire does. The Empire is already there searching for information. But they have found nothing yet. Two troopers goof off. They are surprised when the rebel army is racing towards them. They start blasting. Some of the rock walls break. Some pieces of images of rebel training. The Imperial in charge instructs word be sent to Vader immediately and the base secured. All the rebel ships make the hyperspace jump successfully. However, moments later the lead ship gets shot at. They are under fire. They take evasive action and go on the attack. Princess Leia has dropped into the atmosphere and landed in the crater. She heads straight for the base. But the cameras see her. She’s blown a hole in the dome and planning to overload the power reactor. A trooper happens upon Princess Leia on her way to the reactor and she knocks him out. She gets to where she is going but the officer in charge is waiting for her and tries to shoot her. They have a strange conversation. He’s going to let her blow the place up, but she’s going to die inside. He turns up the reactor and locks them inside by engaging the blast doors. Princess Leia manages to get the upper hand on him. She manages to get a vehicle through a door and escapes. She gets back outside and Lando arrives in the Falcon. He drops a line that she secures to her harness and she is hauled into the Falcon. The officer gets topside as well. His craft is waiting to take him directly to Vader’s. Vader is pleased. As Princess Leia and the rebels fly away, the base explodes. All the rebel ships jump to hyperspace safely except Luke. His hyperdrive is malfunctioning. He’s stuck.

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