Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 66

Luke, unable to jump to a different system, takes refuges on a planet without much population. He found a cave to hide himself and the X Wing in. However, sand lice and wrecked his food and water supply. Now he needs to find supplies. He finds a city. He’s able to buy food there but not water. It quickly goes south. A fright breaks out. He uses his lightsaber to save himself. Everything stops when a woman in charge steps forward and makes them stop attacking a stranger who did not start the attack. She escorts him outside to safety. She turns the biggest moisture farm. But there is a band of raiders stealing the water. She offers him a job guarding her farm. He accepts when he sees storm troopers. She has built a fortress wall around her farm and several other deterrents as well. The equipment she uses is just like Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s. That night he sits alone as guard to figure out how the brigands attack. Darial passes out and Luke hears a voice. He tries to fight passing out. When everyone wakes up all the water has been stolen and Darial is gone. Luke is determined to find her. He climbs a cliff and finds the stronghold. He then gets captured. He’s taken to the throne room and Darial is there as a captive. The voice is explained as well. A cellular creature that the bridands have split in two. One part kept in a bottle and the other elsewhere. The part in the bottle does what the leader wants so its other part isn’t killed. This creature when it combines with water, makes a mist that knocks humans out. Luke and Darial are put in a cell. The creature, the tirrith comes to them and offers to help them escape. It distracts the guards and Luke uses the force to open the cell door. They are stopped in their tracks by the leader. He has Luke’s lightsaber and knows what it is. Luke tricks him into breaking the glass bottle. Now the tirrith is united with itself and is free. They make it outside but are surrounded by brigands. The tirrith tells Darial to shoot the tanks but she needs the water. The tirrith assure her they will help her people. She breaks the tanks and the brigands have been destroyed. Later, the farm is repaired and Luke informs Darial he needs to leave. The tirrith tell Darial they have seeded the clouds and they start to get rain. They have not had rain in years. Luke heads off into space.

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