Star Wars comic book 1983 issue 67

Luke and the droids are back at Arbra. They are somewhere in the base and searching for something. One of the creatures hears it as well. In the briefing room, a leader is giving a run down on Han Solo’s situation. They’ve learned that one of the bounty hunters involved was cut out of the transaction. They are hoping to find him and get a lead on Boba Fett. It’s been narrowed down to three bounty hunters: the cyborg called Denbar, the pursuit droid IG-88, and Bossk Reptilian monarch of the Qotile system. Assignments are handed out. Lando, Luke and Chewie wonder what their assignment will be. C3PO is spoken to by some of the creatures. They need to speak with Princess Leia. They have come to warn Princess Leia that R2D2 has entered a dangerous tunnel and could be in trouble. C3PO decides to go assist his friend himself. The creatures tell him it’s not safe to go alone. He asks Chewbacca to go with him. Chewbacca agrees to help while he waits for the ships to be ready to leave. They arrive at the cave. Chewbacca points out that it’s smelly. The creatures that came to warn C3PO are going with the pair as well into the tunnel. They enter and the tunnel goes downward. They come to an energy field. All can pass through except Chewbacca. He gets mad and gets through. They find an abandoned and empty city. They find R2D2 disassembled and hanging from vines. As Chewbacca goes to take him down a voice warns him not to. The Darker introduces himself. He informs them that only what he wants to happen will happen in his space. The creatures race back to get Princess Leia, while C3PO and Chewbacca remain. The Darker has invited them to a meal that he made. He tells them the history of the people who lived there eons ago. They created technology to rid themselves of dark energy and it created him. The people moved elsewhere and left The Darker behind. He was trapped by that forcefield Chewbacca had trouble getting through. It reacts to negative energy. He took apart R2D2 for parts to break through the forcefield and escape his prison. He wants parts from C3PO to do the same. The creatures did not go for help either. They are frozen in fear. Chewbacca tries to kill the thing, but it doesn’t hurt it. The Darker fills Chewbacca with rage. He winds up knocking down a wall which slows him down a little. C3PO hides in a building that turns out to be a library. C3PO finds a book about the Arbrans last days. It’s not what The Darker told them. Chewbacca finds him. C3PO blasts him with oil. He runs out and puts R2D2 back together and tells him what he learned. Before they can do more, Chewbacca finds them and they crash to the ground. Now in Chewie’s grasp, he reminds him of saving Han. This brings him back. The Darker is shocked that he broke free. He tries to induce fear in Chewie. C3PO tells him to fight it. He informs him The Darker can be destroyed. He has to touch the forcefield, but only Chewie can make him do it. The creatures, the hoojibs are now free of their fear. They attack The Darker and break his concentration. This breaks his hold on Chewie. He’s freaking out because they are all over him. Chewie punches him hard and then at C3PO’s urging throws him at the force shield. He starts to disintegrate. But it does cause a bit of an earthquake. Chewie picks up C3PO and R2D2 and runs for it. The city inside crashes in on itself. They all make their way back to the rebel area. The droids get told their vacation is over and Luke is looking for them.

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