The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep13 – Go Big or Go Home

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 13

Title: Go Big or Go Home

Original Air Date: February 1, 2022

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The heavy machinery will start to roll in, including a 220 ton crane and a 22 and half ton hammer grab and 10 foot wide steel casings. D2 is what will be dug next. Billy is in charge of the money pit pad. He and his team will haul in more than 1,150 tons of fresh gravel to make the area level and stable. At the money pit another hole is being dug. Gary and Rick go to Lot 32 to metal detect. They find a broken ox shoe. Next, he finds a small piece of copper with a small design. At the money pit another sample is turned over to be checked. That afternoon, the 220-ton crane has arrived. The amount of spoils from this upcoming dig will be 50% more than the previous dig. Back on Lot 32 they find a coin. The hammer grab arrives at the money pit. At the swamp digging is winding down. The finds are all discussed again. They have turned off all the pumps that have been keeping water out of the swamp and it is beginning to slowly refill. They find another piece of wood. At the money pit, they go through several samples and don’t find what they are looking for. Another sample from 107 comes to the table. It has wood. The wood will be carbon dated. Two days later, they have some carbon testing results. 224 – 376 AD is the time frame. Dan Henske brings some reason by suggesting identifying the type of tree. Another day and all the casing have now arrived. Vanessa and her crew arrive as well. Each grab will be 5 cubic yards or 11,000 pounds. It’s possible to recover a box or larger space whole.

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