The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep10 – Chamber of Secrets

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 10

Title: Chamber of Secrets

Original Air Date: January 11, 2022

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In the war room, the team meet via video conference. They are meeting with Jeremy Church regarding the seismic data. He’s 3D mapped the data. He found a tunnel that connects C1 and Shaft 12. Its depth is around 100 feet deep. He gives them a walkthrough of the tunnel. He shows them another anomaly at about 160 feet. He has something very square with a tale. The tunnel he spoke of earlier connects to this structure. It’s about 12 feet by 12 feet. They decide to add some additional bore holes in these new areas to test his analysis of the data. Elsewhere at the swamp, Gary, Billie and other team members continue to look for clues. Billie points out to Gary that he spotted a piece of wood in the bucket. It’s like bamboo and has a cut edge. Back at the money pit, AB13 is the next bore hole to be dug. This could confirm a tunnel at around 95 feet and the high-density target. Later, Marty and Gary go to Lot 32. This area either had intensive farming or a lot of cargo going through it. They find another ox shoe here. Back at the money pit, they are nearing 50 feet. Craig wants to go all the way to 160 feet. The drill went down really quickly. Everyone is looking and waiting. Water starts shooting up. This has not happened before. Craig is concerned about a natural gas leak. It’s about 68 feet. They have to check for dangerous levels of natural gas to make sure it’s safe. Back on Lot 32, Marty and Gary have a good hit but can’t find it. It’s a very large spike. Marty plans to have both Carmen Legge and Dr. Brousseau look at it. Back at the money pit, the hole is deemed safe, and drilling continues. They continue. There is bubbling on the outside of the drill. Craig fills in Rick and Marty and Alex the next day. Marty asks them to explain the air. Terry says there is a cavity. It has to have been made my man because the terrain would not have been altered by a glacier in this part of the island. Steve wants to move down 3 feet for the next hole. Rick decides 2 and a half feet west. That afternoon Marty, Alex and Jack go to visit Carmen Legge. They show him the big spike found on Lot 32. He says it’s a rock stake. It was used to haul things off ships. It’s from 1710 to 1740. Back at the swamp, they find another piece of wood. Where they are digging it’s deeper towards the berm. Gary does some metal detecting and gets a hit. It’s rebar. A few buckets full later, they find a smooth board. It’s possibly a piece of ship decking. Three days later, Rick joins the war room meeting via video. Craig has C14 data. A plank from the swamp, it dates 1516-1574.

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