The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep08 – Deeper Digs, Bigger Stakes

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 8

Title: Deeper Digs, Bigger Stakes

Original Air Date: December 21, 2021

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A new bore hole, DE1.5, starts being dug. It’s in the C1 cluster. This is where the water tested positive for gold and silver and also had the old wood. The first core sample is checked. There are wood splinters and a small chunk of beam. The next sample is from 79 to 83 feet. At 83 feet they find stacked timber. Rick joins them at the money pit. The sample also has wood. It could be the side of a shaft. Terry thinks it’s the side of a shaft because its consistent for 20 feet. Rick reminds them that time is limited. They still need to pick four locations for 10-foot cans to go down. Later that morning, Charles goes to the swamp with Jack and Billy to keep searching. They summarize some previous finds. Then find a new cut plank. Jack metal detects and doesn’t find anything. At the research center, Steve, Doug, Scott and Rick meet to discuss the drilling operation. They are going to start drilling in the G2 area now. They are hoping to find another tunnel and determine how it’s laid out. The next morning, Gary and Michael go to Lot 22. It’s on Zena’s map. Three weeks ago they ran some tests on the area to try and find the hatch on Zena’s map. He starts to work on areas he has already flagged for hits. The first hit is a chunk of lead. He bags it and moves on to the next flag. He scans the next spot. They find a metal strap that might have been part of a cart. That afternoon they begin drilling G2. The first core sample is from 75 feet, and it has wood. It’s likely they have hit a shaft. It could be shaft 6 which puts them only 18 feet away from the original money pit. The next sample is from 79 feet. It has more wood. They are stacked timbers. The third sample is from 89 feet. More stacked timbers. From 84 feet to 89 feet there is a shaft. Rick joins them. Terry is hoping they have enough data to determine the tunnels orientation. The metal detect the sample and get a hit. It’s a square nail. Charlies bags and tags it. Rick takes it straight to the XRF machine. Rick wants to know if it has manganese or not to determine if it’s shaft 6. If there is manganese, they have found shaft 6. It’s 96% iron and about 3.5% manganese. They have Laird come take a look. He says it’s a hand forged nail that would be used for flooring. The next day Carmen pays them a visit. He will take a look at the metal strap just found in Lot 22. It’s typical strap for a box or chest. It would keep the box from falling apart. He dates its 1600s to 1700s. He says it would be on a chest or box that held something more substantial than just clothes. Back in the swamp, more cut timbers that have a pointed end have been dug up. They could be more survey stakes. Charles takes a look and determines they are different kinds of cuts and likely made by different people. Billy and Jack take the timbers to the archaeology trailer. Rick will get them C14 dated and have dendrochronology done as well to determine the artifacts age and when it was cut.

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