Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 19 (story 2)

Wonder Woman and Mayra go in search of the invisible brain wave of death. Wonder Woman contacts Steve on the mental radio. She’s sent her amazon plan to his window to bring him to her location in Africa immediately. He’s shocked. He grabs the ladder and it takes off and Wonder Woman programs it. Mayra notices the natives on elephants are bearing the Nazi symbol. They follow them. But when they see them beating slaves they act. The slave owners flee and the now freed slaves thank Wonder Woman and Mayra. The chief reports to the Nazi’s that the slaves have been freed. Based on the descriptions they know its Wonder Woman and Mayra. The slaves are needed for the brain wave of death to work. The Nazi’s discuss the machine and that half the slaves have already died because of the damage it does to their brains and bodies. Steve arrives at Wonder Woman’s pre-programmed drop spot. The plane circles and he jumps out. Within moments of landing several lions go after several natives. Steve kills the lions saving the people. He asks for their help to find Wonder Woman. They agree, but when drums play, they leave. Wonder Woman and Mayra also ask for help finding “the wicked whites.” These men also agree to help, but head off at the sound of the drums. Wonder Woman and Mayra chase after in hopes of finding the Nazi’s. At the ceremony, the tribespeople are actually drugged and tied up to be turned into slaves. Wonder Woman jumps in to try and help and is forced to breathe in the drugged vapors too. She passes out. Mayra jumps in to save Wonder Woman. She gets knocked out with a club to the head by the voodoo practitioner. They plan to cut off the heads of Wonder Woman and Mayra or the Nazi’s. Meanwhile, Steve has followed the sounds of the drums and he has found the two as they are about to lose their heads. Steve fires his gun and hits the executioner causing him to drop the knife. The handle hits Wonder Woman in the head waking her up and bringing her back to herself. She gets her lasso on the voodoo witchdoctor to make him behave. Wonder Woman asks Steve to untie Mayra.

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