The Curse of Oak Island S09, E06 – The Root Cause

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 6

Title: The Root Cause

Original Air Date: December 7, 2021

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In the money pit, another sample is analyzed as Peter gives an update. This sample is from 84 feet deep and there is wood. That afternoon a group goes to Lot 4. They are searching for Zena’s hatch. Gary begins to metal detect. He gets a strong hit and Jack starts digging. Gary does the pinpoint and says the sound is a copper alloy sound. He has Laird look at it to see what he thinks. He can only say the piece of metal is too thin to be a pot. At the swamp corner where the road is and they can still dig, Alex meets with a whole team of archeologists. This is where the ancient people pottery was found. Laird was able to get permission to work on the stone road again only. A large piece of wood was also found. A tree root too. Samples of this can be tested. Back at the money pit a sample from depth of 88.5 feet gets opening. There is a lot of wood chips. They might have scraped down a beam or timber. Rick and Marty come to the money pit for a report. They found a 10-foot intersection and other evidence of something directly below. Marty feels this confirms the offset chamber. They have hit an 18 foot by 12-foot section of wood. This could be the offset chamber. They have samples from these finds to get tested and dated. Gary and Jack head back to Lot 4 to find more information about the hatch. They find an old buckle that is still attached to a leather strap. The next find is a round button. Marty calls for a meeting in the war room the next day. Marty informs everyone that they have decided to back down on archeological methods because if other artifacts are found of the first nation people more of their island could be taken from them. The rules are too unclear. Laird apologizes. Laird agrees that he thinks they are doing the right thing. Laird will be the only remaining archeologist on the island. The rest of them will be departing at the end of the week. Rick thanks them profusely. Marty does as well. Gary and Jack meet with Kelly about the button. Kelly wants to do an XRF text before they clean it. He does find gold and silver in or on the button with the test. This composition is very different from anything else that has been found. Marty and several other team members meet with the three archeologists that will be leaving the island to thank them for their work. One of them informs them they uncovered more stone road and have been able to confirm that it does continue where they thought it did. But the government has also told them they have to stand down completely on this area of the island. The next day they have another meeting in the war room. Craig joins via video conference with the information on the tree root. It’s the carbon 14 results: 1474-1638. Steve says it matches the wood found in the money pit. Laird explains the root was there when the road was built.

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