Criminal Minds S03, Ep09 – Penelope

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3 Episode: 9

Title: Penelope

Original Air Date: November 21, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* Garcia: “Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.” William Shakespeare

* JJ: She made me promise not to talk about her like a victim.

* Hotch: What’s bugging you?
Rossi: A sadist who just happens to choose an analyst for the FBI?

* Morgan: What are the odds that the first time I pray in twenty years she’s on the table?

* JJ: A federal employee was just gunned down and you make it seem like investigating her is more important than finding out who shot her.

* JJ: I never even blinked. You do what it takes to protect your family.


Paramedics arrive to assess Penelope’s injuries. Penelope is still conscious. Her neighbor is able to tell them she works for the FBI. In the ambulance she starts to hyperventilate. She’s taken straight to the OR at the hospital. Hotch, JJ and Reid are there waiting. Prentiss and Rossi arrive. They can’t reach Morgan. Morgan is in a church, praying. The man who shot Garcia throws the gun over a bridge attached to a brick. Garcia flatlines in surgery. She sees her life flash before her eyes. They finally get her back. Morgan arrives and he’s very upset. The doctor comes out. He tells them it was close, but she should be ok. As she lays in the hospital bed, she sees him shoot her again. Hotch and Rossi go to the scene. Hotch gets a call that Garcia is awake. Garcia starts talking and tells Morgan he was right. She tells him it was the guy from the coffee shop that shot her. She starts to get upset and pain. Emily asks for the name: James Colby Baylor. Emily informs them a revolver was used. It was staged to look like a robbery. Hotch and Rossi discuss the victimology. She stands out. Morgan and Reid are talking when Garcia asks for them. She tells them about what she experienced in the ambulance. A sketch artist is coming in. She describes the car and the place they went. He leaned over her and she held her breathe so he would think she was dead. Four days later, Hotch and Rossi are frustrated because they have no leads. They’ve struck out with all forensic evidence. Baylor is buying another revolver. Reid and Morgan ask more questions of Garcia. He was wearing a fake Rolex. They go over the dinner. His knowledge of law is good but inaccurate. They think he failed out of law school. They have to call in another analyst to run the information. They have him run James Colby Baylor. The tech is excited about the system, but Hotch just wants information. He then has him search for law school drop outs or flunked outs with the initials JCB. The tech finds a problem. There is a file on her computer that is password protected. He goes to see Garcia about the encrypted file. The team has been taken off the case and Garcia has been suspended. Another agent takes all the case material. He asks them if they know how she joined the FBI. She was a serious computer hacker. She was on a very short list. The offer was to work for the FBI or go to jail. Morgan asks her what’s in the file. She explains that she has to keep track of where they are and after her system got hacked and Elle got shot, she keeps it encrypted to keep them safe. Morgan takes Penelope home. He’s not surprised at her apartment. She lost her parents at 18 to a drunk driver. He finds papers and she tells him she counsels family victims. Morgan informs her he is not letting her out of his sight until the guy is caught. Outside there is as gunshot. James Colby Baylor just killed a guard. He takes a shot at Morgan. Morgan pursues. The shooter gets away. Morgan goes back to check on the officer. He calls it in and requests an ambulance. He goes back to Penelope’s apartment. She’s not where he left her. She almost shoots him. The whole team is at the apartment. James is in a car a few blocks down watching. The detective running the scene does not care if they are not supposed to be on the case. He will take any help they can give him. Garcia remembers something from when Morgan put her in a corner. At the restaurant he sat with his back to the corner. Reid asks more about the car. The seat belt was buckled behind his back. Rossi gets hard on Garcia. She tells that she counsel victims families. They ask her to look into their open cold cases. She tags them to try and get them solved. Hotch decides to head back to the office with a few of the team. He tells them they should log out of the system because Garcia shouldn’t have access. She uses one of their log ins to get in. She and the other analyst have a little battle. She prints the files that she tagged. The analyst gets back in and sees what she printed. Emily finds that three cases have the same deputy, Jason Clark Battle, as first responder. Garcia searches for Jason Clark Battle. When his picture comes up she confirms he is the one who shot her. The other analyst is seeing everything she is seeing. He’s been honored twice but stuck at deputy. Something is off about him. He’s an Angel of Death. He shot them to save them, but he didn’t save them. It’s a hero homicide. Reid tells her he will keep getting bolder and die shooting if he has to. The analyst, Lynch, recognizes him immediately. He leads the detective on a very weird conversation. He then requests that his files be deleted. Lynch logs into Garcia’s system from the bullpen. Morgan tells her to follow his lead. She sees the BAU on camera. Morgan calls Hotch to tell him Battle is the shooter. Hotch goes to Rossi. He fills Rossi in. All Garcia, Morgan, Reid, and Prentiss can do is watch. Hotch and Rossi approach. JJ is in her office. Morgan calls her. He tells her what is going on. He senses the net closing in. He takes a hostage. Hotch and Rossi pull guns on him. JJ approaches, her gun drawn. She shoots him. He’s dead. At the BAU Garcia’s worries are over. Garcia checks on JJ. JJ tells Garcia someone is watching her. Lynch and she meet. They introduce themselves.

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