The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep20 – Fire in the Hole

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 20

Title: Fire in the Hole

Original Air Date: March 30, 2021

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In the war room, the path in the swamp is discussed. It’s currently at 456 feet, estimated. In Tom’s field, just behind the barn, is where the path separates. This is also where the foundation has been discussed. Two right angles have been discovered. It’s about two feet high as well. Steve thinks it is related to stories about Anthony Graves. It cold be the location where Anthony hid the treasure that he found. A fact about Anthony Graves was that he paid on the mainland with Spanish coins. The next day, back at the swamp, they continue to dig up the foundation. They continue to find voids where dirt did not fall into any of these holes. Miriam discovers charcoal in the foundation too. She calls Aaron over. It’s a sizable charcoal feature. There is evidence there was a hot fire there. Either the structure burned down, or it was a hearth. But there is clear evidence of lots of fire. He suggests excavating it as a separate feature. 50 yards to the south, the stone pathway is being searched for anything that could give a date to the pathway. They are trying to find the deepest lying artifact to try and get the closest to original age. Dr. Spooner is digging around as well and he find something very out of place. It’s part of a tree, but there no tree stump. They were beneath the pathway. They may help date the pathway. Aaron comes over. He states that wood can’t naturally lodge itself under stones. They had to be placed there by humans. Back at the money pit, Steve joins Charles and Terry. He has new instructions from Rick and Marty. They are now going to head east a little. They are now looking for the eastern edge of the money pit at CD-7. The hope is that by moving 13 feet eastward to this new hole, they will find additional tunnel data between 86 and 90 feet down. The sample from 38 feet is brought over. He is looking for backfill or other evidence of human activity. Terry finds something weird. It looks like disturbed backfill material. The next morning the team meets at the swamp to do more analysis of the stone feature that was covered in charcoal. Dr. Spooner is surprised by the intensity. He thinks it could speak to industrial activity. But there is no evidence of what was burned. There is only evidence that there were many burns here. There are zero artifacts at this location. Aaron finds its very strange that there are no artifacts being found at all. Dr. Spooner plan to take some soil samples. Back at CD-7, they have hit the 86 foot depth, but no wood between than and 91 feet. Where did the tunnel go? Later that day, Lot 26 is investigated by Gary and Michael near the Ball Foundation. He’s brought a much larger coil, 32 inches. It can detect a cannonball at 6 to 7 feet. They now have clearance for the whole lot. They start in the open areas. He gets a hit and finds a baby ox shoe. He’s hopeful that Carmen Legge can give them a country of origin on this shoe. A meeting takes place in the war room to determine what bore holes to drill for the remainder of the season. Marty asks if there are other targets, they can take a look at. The Barringer survey identified four targets that were non-ferrous (precious metals like silver or gold). The money pit is tabled until next season now. Charles and Jack go to see Carmen Legge. They have taken him the little ox shoe. He tells them that this shoe is of Scottish origin and dates it from 1610 to 1740s. It was made before Samuel ball. Per Charles there is a theory that Scottish settlers were there in the early 1600s. The organization was the Knights Baronet. Back at the foundation in the swamp Miriam has found something. Three pieces of hand painted pottery. The colors are blue, pink, and green. Miriam states she has not seen anything like that before. She thinks it could be the base of a teacup or bowl. Aaron wants to have Billy come over and dig some more dirt for them. Billy comes over and they direct him to dig a test pit. Rick looks in and finds more cobblestones. The path is turning towards the uplands now. Rick thinks they are following the right path. Back in the war room, they await the report on the hand cut wood that was found under the stone pathway. Craig has the C14 test results. The date range is 1489 to 1654.

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