The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep15 – Cask and You Shall Receive

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 15

Title: Cask and You Shall Receive

Original Air Date: February 23, 2021

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In the swamp, they continue to uncover the stone road on the eastern border. Gary metal detects and finds something trapped between the big rocks. It’s a square ox shoe nail. Billy continues to dig and uncover and find the direction of the feature. In the money pit, Steve, Terry, Scott, and Charles are about to start the new holes based on the new map. They start on C5 first. Back at the stone path they find both big stone and cobblestone. A piece of coal is found. It could link to the pine tar kiln, as coal was found there as well. Where this coal is from will be important. Marty and Gary go to Lot 10. They are there to look at Cone E, which is part of Nolan’s Cross. They are looking for more clues. Gary detects all around the boulder. He gets a hit. It’s another hand forged ox shoe nail. They find quite a few of them. Everyone goes to the money pit to see what came out of C5. At a depth of 79 feet, there is old wood. Is it money pit or tunnel? Next is 84 feet. A lot of old and rotted wood is in the core samples. The next sample is brought and there is more wood here as well. This is 89 feet. Terry thinks its Pine or Spruce. There is part of a structure. The sonic drill rig blows a hose. Drilling is done for the day. They have to repair it and will start again tomorrow. Dr. Spooner, Craig, Marty and Billy are working at the swamp now. They have hit the peat. Gary stands by to metal detect. Dr. Spooner wants Gary to detect the peat layer before they go deeper. Rick pulls out a piece of wood. It’s part of a keg barrel. They find another piece and it’s a different size. They take the keg pieces to Carmen Legge to see if he can tell them about it. They are both handmade. They could date back to the 1400s to no later than the 1700s. It’s a dry goods barrel. It predates barrels made in Nova Scotia. Charles updates Marty on the two cask tops. One is for dry goods. The next day back at the C5 drill hole, the drill goes back down. Rick joins them. Terry finds this soil much less dense than it should be. They bring up the next core sample, 119 feet. They metal detect and get nothing. They move to the next hole on the drill grid. In the war room every meets. Dr. Spooner has an update. He has the report on the coal. He states is significant because he can take it apart and determine where it came from and time period. This kind of coal come from Europe. They can find out who was buying what coal during the time period in archives. Getting the information will takes months though.

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