The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep13 – The Fellowship of the Ringbolt

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 13

Title: The Fellowship of the Ringbolt

Original Air Date: February 9, 2021

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In the swamp, the feature in the swamp shocks Tom Nolan. “You’ve got a stone road in the middle of a bog.” Rick tells Tom Nolan. He’s excited and knows his dad, Fred Nolan, would be excited too. The archaeologist states it’s a road leading to the uplands. There’s also a little rubbly pathway that could possibly be part of a harbor. It would have taken a lot of work to build. Wood cribbing might be under the stone. When they look closer Rick finds a lower layer of smaller stones and beneath it is some wood cribbing. But there could be another structure below it. It’s not natural. They will have Dr. Spooner look at it too. They also find more coal. As they keep looking, they also find some cut wood stakes. In the war room, something metal has been found in the money pit. Dr. Brosseau is on video with analysis. It was found in C9 with lots of wood. They hope it’s from the Tupper Shaft, built just 10 feet from the money pit. It’s dated as post 1840 wrought iron nail. Back at the money pit they are drilling CD 8.5. They are trying to confirm they have located the Tupper Shaft. The core sample is 18, 24 and 28 feet. There is a significant amount of stacked timber. They keep working on this bore hole. Doug and Scott pay Carmen Legge, the blacksmith, a visit. They have brought an artifact and he’s excited. They tell him it was found on Lot 13. He tells them it’s a latch or part of a lock. It’s double bolted. It is a higher end lock for a box or trunk. He gives details on the intricacies this has. Back at the swamp, Dr. Spooner has joined the work. They are digging by hand and are now only finding wood and no more rock. Dr. Spooner points out all the wood chips that were cut by hand with an axe. They clean up the area with a few excavator digs. It uncovers a lot of handcut wood that form a foundation. Dr. Spooner says the wood can be dated to get a date on when the road was built. The next day work continues in the swamp. Gary starts detecting on spoils. He gets a hit and Jack digs it. It’s either a chain or a lock. Digging in the swamp continues to uncover the second pathway. Craig updates Marty on the drilling. They’ve hit the Tupper shaft, they think. Craig wants to define the shaft. This way they can pinpoint the money pit. He tells them to find Rick. Marty and Alex go to Lot 25, Samual Ball’s homestead, to meet Laird. He’s found a stone lined pit. Mr. Ball actually had a large estate on his lot. He paid 8 pounds for the lot. He eventually owned 9 of the lots on the island. Laird also got permission for an archaeological excavation of the site. They are finding a variety of pottery. There is literature that states Mr. Ball was one of the three who found the money pit. Back in the swamp, work continues. Gary is detecting. He gets a hit, but has no idea what’s he’s found. They yell for Aaron to come take a look. They both start guessing it could be a handle or bracelet. It will be sent for testing. Steve marks the GPS location as well. He gets another hit. It looks like a ringbolt once he’s dug it up. They show Craig and he calls Rick. Rick, Laird and Doug arrive. Everyone is awed. Rick has to call Marty. Then gives the phone to Gary to tell him they found a ringbolt.

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