Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 12 (story 3)

Wonder Woman ties up Velma after she tried to conquer Venus. Wonder Woman gives her two choices: be turned over to the Army for treason or submit to training on reform island. She chooses reform island. The telephone interrupts them. The Colonel needs Diana Prince immediately. Wonder Woman races to Diana’s apartment with her prisoner. When they arrive Wonder Woman pretends that Diana is out and leaves Velma handcuffed and chained to the bed so she doesn’t escape. As soon as Wonder Woman leaves, Velma tries to get to the telephone. She can’t pull the bed any closer, so she grabs the cloth it is sitting on with her teeth to bring it to the ground. She holds a pencil between her teeth to dial. She calls Killer Dogan and tells him where she is. He tells her he’ll come bust her out. He does and takes her to his hideout. She tells Dogan about Venus. He is intrigued but there is no way to get there. Velma tells him there is a way. At the office, Diana does her work at breakneck speed so she can leave quickly. Steve asks her how she is faster than Wonder Woman. She tells him she has unfinished work at Paula’s laboratory. After she leaves, Steve wonders if Diana could be Wonder Woman. Diana races home and finds Velma is gone. She changes into Wonder Woman and races to Paula’s lab. She is surprised by Dogan’s gangsters who are waiting there for her. Velma demands the gangsters shoot Wonder Woman immediately. She hasn’t time to use her bracelets, so she uses her speed instead to get under the guns and then force the muzzles into each other. Paula is also under fire and uses her bracelets to deflect the shots. Someone comes up behind her and knocks her out with a gun to the head. Velma insists on keeping Paula covered as well. Velma threatens to kill Paula if Wonder Woman does not surrender. She quickly uses her lasso to disarm them. But Killer Dogan hits her in the head with a gun butt too. Velma demands extra restraints be put on Wonder Woman. She wants her bracelets welded as well. Wonder Woman comes too and finds her bracelets bound by man. Her Amazon strength is gone. Velma taunts Wonder Woman. Paula wakes up. On Venus, Queen Desira is holding council. After Velma’s escape, she thinks they might need to change reform plans. The girdle the prisoners wear is discussed. It compels them to obey. They keep the girdles. Velma suddenly appears. She puts on an act asking for forgiveness. She is given a girdle to wear again and puts it on. Then requests to immediately be taken to the prison. The girdle causes her thoughts to change. Once taken back to prison she finds Boswell. Once everyone gathers, she takes her girdle off again, they did give her the key. She tells them she is there to break them out. They tell her they want to stay. Killer Dogan and his thugs arrive. The belts are all removed, and the prisoners turn back into who they were before they arrived. Paula and Wonder Woman have been taken to Venus too. They can only look on. Killer Dogan has also brought a bomb. Velma is busy capturing the prison guards. Velma rigs up a transport for the bomb and makes three girls carry it. Velma tries to get Wonder Woman to deliver a threat, but she refuses. They fly over the palace on the transport and Velma throws Wonder Woman off. Queen Desira rushes to Wonder Woman. She tells her Velma’s evil plan. The queen removes the chains from Wonder Woman’s bracelets. She gets her strength back. She has her reweld them again. On Wonder Woman’s signal Velma pulls her back up. She tells her the queen and her women will surrender. Velma then releases the bomb onto the palace roof. Wonder Woman jumps into action. She breaks her bombs, jump off the transport and lands on the bomb. She quickly pulls out the firing pin. The winged girls below are quickly unbinding themselves as they use bowknots at Wonder Woman’s advice. They quickly grab the golden nets to catch Wonder Woman and the bomb. Velma is about to take aim at Wonder Woman. Paula uses her Amazon strength to break free. She jumps at Velma and catches her around the legs. Wonder Woman sees what’s going on and sticks an arm out of the net to catch Paula and Velma. The flyers quickly gather them all and take them to safety. They are able to see that Killer Dogan is still going to kill the men. Steve arrives at Paula’s lab and finds the golden lasso. He’s worried. He surprises someone at the space transport. He uses the lasso to get the truth. He now knows Wonder Woman is on Venus with Velma. He calls Etta. She and the girls arrive. Suddenly, on Venus, all kinds of women materialize. The warmakers are all captured. Velma is girdled again. This time it’s welded so it can’t be removed even with a key. Wonder Woman gets a treaty set up between Earth and Venus.

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