The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep12 – Digging Their Heels In

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 12

Title: Digging Their Heels In

Original Air Date: January 26, 2021

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Digging in the swamp continues. The stone feature heading into the uplands is the focus. They decide to not dig out the rocks, but dig out the dirt in between them. Gary looks through the spoils and finds a very old piece of glass. He thinks it could be as old as the 1600s. Over by 10X the spoils from 8B drilled the previous year, are now being sorted through. Dan Henske finds some wood. Another item is found. It looks like leather or the heal of a boot. Back at the money pit, they think they have found a shaft on C-9 that is 95 feet deep. This shaft isn’t on record. It could be the original money pit. They find some wood that has clearly been worked by a human. They do the Dan test of putting it in water. If it’s old it sinks, if its newer it floats. This piece of wood sunk. The sample is now metal detected, and they get a hit. They can’t find it so they call Gary down. Gary uses his pinpoint detector and finds iron in a different part of the spoils. Gary also finds the other item they thought they found. It’s the end of a square nail. It’s 1700s to Roman days. They have a meeting with Dr. Brosseau in the war room via video chat. It’s about the spike. It’s the OC-1 spike. It’s got cement on it that matches with the Chappell vault. It’s not a natural cement. She says its pre 1840. It predates the money pit discover and is of British origin. Marty heads over to the money pit to learn about C 8.5. They have brought wood up at around 40 feet. It might be oak. Rick wants all the data on paper so everyone can take a look at decide. Charles and Doug go to the Dawson print shop. They have brought two finds for examination: the boot heel and another large piece of leather. One piece he thinks is from a garment. The second piece was part of a sole of a boot or shoe. Belonged to a more wealthy customer, not a laborer. Both pieces are more high end and expensive. The pair now plan to test the two items. The swamp investigation continues. Dr. Spooner wants a trench dug to try and find the side of the stone feature. Gary arrives and starts scanning the spoils. He finds nothing. Dr. Spooner is watching for an orange to brown color change to try and figure it out. The trench is on a lot of rocks though. He jumps in the trench to clean. He starts cleaning some of it. He declares something is built here. The stone road curves away from the money pit. Rick is confused. Gary gets a hit. It is some kind of a latch or lever or handle. They begin to dig up the second stone or rock feature they have found in the swamp. They think they have hit the rocks. They ask Steve to figure out the elevation to see if it’s an extension of the other pathway. Both are two feet above sea level. The two could be connected. There is another video conference in the war room. It’s an update on the two pieces of leather. The first one from 8B. They both date 1492 to 1662. This find predates the money pit. They think its original. Laird puts on gloves to take a look at the leather. Marty and the team are shocked.

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