The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep09 – Rock, Paper Serpents

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 9

Title: Rock, Paper, Serpents

Original Air Date: January 5, 2021

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Dr. Spooner is on the island to explore the swamp. Billy is tasked with clearing a small area that Dr. Spooner outlines to him. The goal is to uncover a stone feature and its support. Gary is there to metal detect the spoils. He finds coal and blue glazed pottery almost instantly. Back at the money pit, they are on hole nine. The digging continues in the swamp. Gary continues to find more coal and pottery. He then finds what could be part of a piece of jewelry, it’s broken. The work comes to a halt. The dirt needs to dry out so Billy can dig the last of the dirt off the stones. At the money pit, they have hit the bottom of the ninth hole. No debris field located yet. That afternoon in the war room, Doug has a presentation for the team regarding Lot 15. It’s about the rocks and the mound. He beings with an ariel view and the location on the map. The mound is 4 feet high and 134 feet long. He runs down the commonalities with other serpent mounds in other locations. He then presents a history of all religions and that there were religions that worshipped serpents. The next day, back in the swamp, they are able to clear more dirt away. There are three layers of stone. This was clearly man made. Dr. Spooner says it’s on an incline pointing towards the money pit. He suspects it to be a platform or possibly a wharf. Artifacts are needed to figure out what the purpose is. Archeologists need to go over the site and find evidence. Gary will metal detect it all. Back in the war room with team members, Craig has an update on the mounds. The burned charcoal was sent for analysis. The first one, artifact 203, dated from 1320 – 1440. It matches Zena’s map. By the swamp, trees are cleared from the area around the stone pathway. He begins metal detecting. The archeologists arrive to take a look at it. They are excited. In the clear cut area, Gary gets a hit. It’s an old British coin. It has a date of 1919 though, so it’s not as old as Gary thought at first. There is a second hit. Jack describes it as looking like a plumb bob, which is a leveling tool. It is old and the hole is not drilled, but clearly punched though.

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