The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep07 – Mounding Evidence

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 7

Title: Mounding Evidence

Original Air Date: December 22, 2020

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We begin at the money pit. The core drilling continues. Marty checks in for an update. They found 28 feet of loose material from 179 to 207. Per Terry this is the most likely kind of void they will find. Two prior tunnel collapses are refreshed by the narrator. Terry points out that gold and silver and treasure material is much more dense than this material and would easily sink through it. Gary and Peter go to lot 13 to search. It was just recently cleared. He starts to detect and after a time gets a hit on iron next to a big boulder. Peter thinks it’s an ox shoe and Gary confirms. They find and dig several more hits. They get several ox shoes. Again, they are found in a pretty straight line. It could mean that this was a path or trail that heads to the swamp. It likely brought cargo from the shore into Oak Island. He continues to detect in the same path and gets another hit. The next hit Gary thinks is a lynch pin. He calls the guys. Rick comes down with Charles and Terry. Terry thinks it looks like a key. Peter tells them that the three ox shoes and this item were within 15 feet of each other. Gary points out that they have replicated the success they had on Lot 15. Tony, Alex, Jack and Peter all meet at the marina to do a dive operation. They are going to check the spots they found interesting. They head to the first target, the possible shipwreck. They lower a cinderblock to get a depth and pinpoint the dive site. They can’t remove anything from the bottom, but they can metal detect. Tony and Alex hit the water, while Jack and Peter stay on the boat. Tony wants to start at the two boulders. He states it’s very magnetic down there. His metal detector is going nuts. They can’t dig up whatever it is down there though. Peter tries to reach Tony and Alex over the communication system. He tries several times and the signal does not go through. Tony tries calling them as well, but he also has trouble getting through. Visibility is almost nothing. The pair decide to end the dive as they can’t find anything more or reach Peter and Jack. Both are relived that the two have come up. Tony tells them the only features were the two boulders and metal anomalies. They move on to the next target by the swamp. In the research center, Doug informs them of a new find he made by the pine tar kiln on Lot 15. He found a rock mound. The stones are very large boulders. It’s at the highest point on the island. It’s a whole ridge. The area is undisturbed. They head over to take a look at it. For the second dive, Tony will go it alone. Tony will be completely cut off while diving as the coms are not working. They just have to wait for him to resurface. We see Tony running the metal detector. He then finds a rock formation. Tony comes back up. He tells them visibility is better. He found rocks in a square structure. He thinks it was a solid wharf at some time. They head back so they can update the team. A good number of the team are now at the rock formation. This rock formation is not on a property line and it’s not actually a wall. They try to brainstorm what could have put the rocks there. Step one is to have Gary metal detect. Step two bring in the archeologists. Gary jons them with his metal detector. He’s actually speechless. Charles tells him to climb up on top. He thinks maybe it’s a road way. He gets a hit pretty quick. The trio of archeologist’s arrive as well. One immediately makes a comparison to the serpent mounds park. It may point to a culture that could have been there significantly earlier than the 1200s. Tom Nolan confirms that Fred Nolan did not do this. The three continue to brainstorm. It’s about 130 feet long. Laird suggests a 3D model of it to really see what it is. It’s another puzzle. In the war room, there is a video conference about the dive. Tony tells them about the boulders and the metal detectors going off, but they couldn’t see. Marty suggests getting some finds for Gary. He then tells about the second site. A square rock structure. Alex suggests some kind of technology to be able to get more details. Marty and the team view it as a success worth further investigation.

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