The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep04 – Alignment

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 4

Title: Alignment

Original Air Date: December 1, 2020

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The head to Lot 15 where a group of archeologists are working on the pine tar kiln. They have gotten down to glacier till, so the bottom. He confirms that even though they have hit the bottom it is still a pine tar kiln. They must wait until the investigation are complete to get permits to dig deeper. A meeting (both in person and via video) takes place in the war room with Iriving. They want to move forward in the money pit. It’s a honeycomb pattern of 8 foot diameter casings. Marty informs them that because of COVID that the big dig will have to wait until next year. They are bringing in Choice Drilling to gather more data for a big dig. Gary and Peter are metal detecting in Lot 32. It’s near the swamp and had been covered in trees that have been cleared so it can be searched. Gary gets a hit. It’s an old axe. He gets another hit. It’s another axe. He then finds a third axe. Gary posits that this could be a camp of some kind and calls Laird. He thinks Gary could be right. They continue to search. Another meeting/video call takes place in the war room. There is a presentation from two theorists about the island. This pair led to finding the eye of the swamp. They show the painting and pentagram on the map of the island. They used Google Earth to see where the cross is pointing. It points straight to Versailles. On this location they outlay a Menorah. It also somehow connects to the site of the original Temple of Solomon. A giant royal arch is what they constructed. They think that it holds the ark and several menorahs. They give them two locations to dig. Steve asks for them to send him the map so he can calculate the actual two locations to dig. Marty is impressed by their work and research and will check these two locations. Steve takes them to the first spot. The first area has clearly been disturbed and dug. They all look shocked. It gets called the trench feature. Marty tries to get into it, but it does need to be cleared for easier access. They will have Dr. Spooner take a look and analyze it. The second spot is on the border of Lots 12 and 13. Steve walks in to stand on it. Rick notices a feature quite close. But it looks like the area was bulldozed. Tom Nolan and Dr. Spooner arrive to join the team. Dr. Spooner points out all the accumulation on top. He says that there should be a similar amount on the bottom. He climbs in to take a core sample to analyze. He points out the sediment section. 10cm means 100 years. Doug gets Tom’s permission to drain the area and clear some of the trees for access. Tom also joins the team at the second location. Tom drives the backhoe over himself. Tom does the digging. Gary scans each bucket pulled up. There is a giant boulder buried in the spot. The remove it. It’s smooth and possibly carved. The soil is very soft. As they get close to sea level the soil starts to change. They hit something else as well. It’s another boulder larger than the first. However, they are forced to stop when hydraulic starts to spray. Once it’s repaired, they can continue. Dr. Spooner returns with results. The trench is 60 feet long, 15 feet wide and almost 4 feet of elevation, 3600 cubic feet. It’s 100% manmade. Dr. Spooner says its at least 3 centuries old. Dr. Spooner, as well as Tom Nolan, want to know what’s at the bottom. It is going to be excavated

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