The Curse of Oak Island S08, E03 – If the Ox Shoe Fits

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 3

Title: If the Ox Shoe Fits

Original Air Date: November 24, 2020

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A meeting takes place in the war room, both with in person attendees and video attendees. They discuss the swamp and the work going on there. In the swamp a sonar device was used to determine that there is a wall feature, approximately 9 foot square. The tar pit kiln has some additional levels to go down through to complete the excavation. The team heads to the swamp. Dr. Scooner points to the general locations of the things the sonar found. He makes clear that the swamp was a harbor at one time. To examine the target area they have to build a coffer dam around the area. It will be like the coffer damn in Smith’s Cove. On to the pine tar kiln. McInnis thinks that part of it was a well that was filled in. Marty thinks it could be a tunnel entrance. They need to move the rocks. Mart volunteers to go get the backhoe to help remove the rocks. Kelly Bourassa meets Alex at that interpretive center. Alex starts off show him the coin. His first thought is it is part of machinery or a Chinese coin, as it has a square hole in the middle. He begins to examine it. He takes a photo of each side with scale first. Then he takes a toothbrush and starts to clean it. He finds a little bit of an edge. He can’t determine what it is yet. Marty arrives with the backhoe at the kiln. He removes a very large rock with it. They archeologists plan to clean up the site better and continue to take it down layer by layer. Gary and Jack metal detect in another area of Lot 15. It moves the closer to the swamp. Gary gets a hit that he thinks is iron, then gets a better hit. Gary thinks it’s a broken ox shoe from a draft ox. However, it’s not a clear answer as these oxen were used by farmers but also by the military. Gary then gets a hit for a big piece of iron. It’s another piece of an ox shoe. Gary gets another iron hit. Gary thinks the piece is from an ox harness from pre1800s. Marty talks to Irving about the coffer damn they want in the swamp. They give their pitch. They have to build a crane pad, then bring in a 300 ton crane to lift almost 90 sheets in place. They are hammered in with a vibro hammer. The ox shoes are taken to Carmen the blacksmith. He defines them as winter shoes, British made. They ask about shoes from the past. He says those were German and French. These are the first that are British ox shoes. He says these shoes are from the 1700s. The third shoe is a summer ox shoe and the first and second were winter shoes. Jack tells him all three were found on the same route. He tells him it sounds like heavy industry was going on to find that many shoes. He thinks the pin item is a finial from an ox cart. Jack and Alex update Marty, Rick and Gary. They want to clean the finial because it is made of cast iron and decorative and could provide more clues when they see what it actually looks like.

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