Wonder Woman 1944 issue 10 (story 3)

Steve still thinks Wonder Woman (and all women) are crazy because she lost her boots and was upset. Diana defends her though. She turns into Wonder Woman and realizes she needs to get new boots as walking around barefoot won’t work. She goes to an elite boot shop to replace them. Diana goes to pick up and pay for the boots, but the shop owner refuses to charge her. He was honored to make her boots. He would like a picture of her wearing them though. She sends him a picture in her original boots as they are identical. Saturno sees the image of her at the shop. He was sent back to capture Wonder Woman or a pay a penalty. The poster has given him an idea. Diana is at her apartment trying on the boots. But Etta comes in and she makes up an excuse. They want to wait for Wonder Woman to come pick up the boots. They also want to play a trick on her by putting glue in the boots. Diana pretends to send Wonder Woman a mental message to pick up the boots. Now Wonder Woman has received the message and is on the way. The girls put glue in the boots. Diana grabs them to wrap and secretly removes the glue. Diana then tells them she has to leave and they’ll need to give the boots to Wonder Woman for her. Etta watches the door but Wonder Woman comes in through the window. She puts on the new boots. Suddenly, she feels faint. Etta thinks something is wrong with the boots and pulls them off. They call a doctor as Wonder Woman is still not awake and has a rapid heart beat. The doctor arrives faster than expected and says he has an ambulance waiting. Etta gets in the ambulance with Wonder Woman, but Virginia is not allowed. He locks the ambulance doors. The ambulance does not go to a hospital but to a Saturn ship and drives up a ramp into the ship. The doctor was Saturno in disguised. The ship takes off towards Saturn. Saturno tells the guards to bind Wonder Woman with her own lasso. She is tied up from head to toe. Then put in bronze binders and attached to a steel pole. They all start to wake up. They yell for Wonder Woman to wake up. She does. She realizes she is bound in her own lasso. She is able to break the binders and the pole though. She uses the pole still strapped to her back as a battering ram to break the bars in Etta’s cell. Etta is also bound and cannot climb out. Wonder Woman grabs the ropes in her teeth and lifts Etta out. She then bites through Ettas ropes. Etta unbinds Wonder Woman from her lasso. Wonder Woman now breaks free of the pole and binders. The guards rush at them. But the ladies grab guard whips and use them on the guards. They tie up all the guards. Wonder Woman races to the ships control room. Saturno is at the controls. Wonder Woman slams into him knocking his ray gun out of his hand. He goes backwards and hits a control lever. She lassos him and commands him to repair whatever blew up and then pilot the ship. He tells her that the engines blew up. Back on Earth, Holliday’s dean calls Steve. He’s told about three missing girls. He realizes Diana is missing too. He goes to Diana’s apartment to try and figure out what has happened. He finds the boot box. He takes them to the boot shop. The owner says they aren’t the boots he made Wonder Woman. They figure out these are the boots that were lost on Saturn and that the four have likely been kidnapped. Steve races to the Saturnia ship that they captured. Some Holliday girls go with him to help with the rescue. The ship knows the way. When they land and get off the ship they are all taken prisoner. Steve requests to be taken to the Emperor. He demands that Wonder Woman be released or he’ll make mincemeat of the planet. The Emperor thinks he’s mad. But the Emperor realizes he sent Saturno to capture Wonder Woman and they haven’t returned. Steve worries they are lost in space. On the ship, Wonder Woman instructs Saturno to use the reverse gravity guns on the ship to shoot her to Saturn. She is loaded in the gun. She holds her breathe while travelling at a million miles per hour. She lands at the Emperor’s. He is shocked. She declares she wants to make peace between Earth and Saturn because Saturnians care only to use Earth for profit. The Emperor agrees. She proposes a trade agreement between the two planets. The Emperor of Saturn agrees to it. The treaty is reached and signed. The Emperor agrees to establish a space ship line between the two planets. Wonder Woman makes clear the ships can carry no weapons. A trial is held for Saturno. He’s convicted. All Earth prisoners are now freed as well. One of the guards confesses to kidnapping Virginia, impersonating her and drugging the boots. Etta has discovered Saturnic candy. As they all leave to go back to earth, Steve asks Wonder Woman about Diana. Wonder Woman informs her she is safe at home. Virginia thinks all this happened because they put glue in her new boots. But it brought about a lasting friendship between two planets.

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