The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep02 – The Boys Are Back

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 2

Title: The Boys Are Back

Original Air Date: November 17, 2020


Rick and Marty are still in a 14-day quarantine. Peter and Alex are with them as well. The rock formation on Lot 15 continues to be worked on. They think it could be an entrance to the tunnel system below. A flat stone with an interesting edge is uncovered. It could have a drill hole as well. Laird decides to call Steve Guptill about the stone. He is going to head down to look at the stone. The surveyor arrives. They all decide to call the brothers. Laird has sent them photos of the rock. Steve thinks it’s a surveyor’s mark and the stone was used to mark something. It’s possible that the stone was there before the structure. Another day, Steve and Doug follow up on a survey by Fred Nolan and his partner. It’s called the Berringer Survey. They hammer in some stakes to match where they are on the survey map. Steve points out that one stake is being put into the ground in about the same spot as Gary found the lead cross. Doug realizes that they were in the right zone digging last year based on this survey. They did find a tunnel at the bottom of a pit they dug, but were forced to fill it in because of how unstable it was. They could have been 50 feet away. Doug facetimes Rick and Marty. He tells them it fits very well. He shows them that stakes match targets they already have. Marty connects that they are close to the big hole that Billy dug for them. Later, Jack and Gary head to Isaac’s Point. Spoils from years of digs have been dumped here and function as landfill. The two are going to search the entire area. Gary gets a hit but says it’s not iron. He thinks its part of a pewter spoon, from around the 1700s. A second hit reveals a pickaxe head. Gary believes it to be a tunneling pickaxe. Steve and several others are searching spoils from 8A. One of the men finds a button. Another finds a thick piece of leather. Steve calls Laird to come check out the finds as the leather is unlike any other they have found. Laird thinks it’s a piece of leather from footwear. Rick and Marty have completed their 14-day quarantine and go straight to Oak Island. They are greeted by Charles and Doug. They head to Lot 15 first. The three archeologists show them around. They are informed of ice age soil and that if there is a tunnel its down deep. They have also concluded 100% that this was a manmade pine tar kiln. Charcoal is all over the site. It is only found when repetitive burning is taking place. It could have made tar to waterproof underground tunnels. It may have been used at night and be responsible for the lights and bonfires seen at night by the group who found the money pit. Jack and Alex take items to Carmen the blacksmith for assessment. The first item is the pickaxe. He dates it to 1700s or 1800s. He points out the crack in the eye. It was under stress and doing some heavy work. In the war room, Rick and Marty (and a few others in the war room) convene. They bring in a few more people via video. Gary finally shows the brothers the top pocket find he wouldn’t show them on video. He thinks its an axe head. Next is the old coin with a diamond shaped area missing in the middle. It’s copper.

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