Wonder Woman 1944 issue 10 (story 1)

Diana visits one of the Holliday girls at her home on Long Island. She is invited to go swimming but declines out of fear that she would be recognized as Wonder Woman. One of the girls dives, but doesn’t resurface. Diana gets nervous and makes an excuse to leave. She changes into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman quickly dives down and finds Ginny’s body tangled in weeds and rocks. Etta and the girls become concerned as well. They try to search for her but come up empty handed. Suddenly, Wonder Woman surfaces with the girl in her arms. It’s not clear if she is still alive. Wonder Woman uses the Amazon artificial respiration method. She comes around. Once revived she tells them she was hit over the head by a handsome man. They confirm the bump on her head. Wonder Woman exits and Diana returns. Diana requests to listen to a speech on the radio. That night they have a dance. A gentlemen has a curious effect on Virginia. She identifies him as her underwater attacker. Diana becomes suspicious. When she finds the man alone she repeats the weird and garbled words the radio played. He responds and then turns on her choking her. He wants the inter-planet password. He then accuses her of being one of Wonder Woman’s spies and speaks of how she saved the girl today. She gets him off and pretends to beg for mercy. He marches her toward the boathouse. In the boathouse, men are wearing red hoods. She is taken in an elevator down to a submarine. She finds the radio. They use the water as an aerial to send messages to their home planet of Saturn. She asks not to be killed. But is told she will be taken as a slave. Once alone, Diana breaks her bindings and out of the small cell. She finds an airlock chamber that will lead to the ocean. She exits the submarine, swims to the surface and gathers all the Holliday girls. They all wait patiently. Wonder Woman sees the periscope breach the surface. The group approaches the submarine by swimming underwater. She finds the entrance that the strange man and his friends use to board the sub. They get into the ship. Once they search it, they find it empty. Wonder Woman sees a control move. She realizes someone is there, just invisible. She punches it. Etta finds an invisibility ray. She flips the switch. Suddenly, they are surrounded by a number of people. They surrender to the Saturnians. Lined up against the wall, the Saturnians open fire. Wonder Woman deflects as many as she can. But she gets hit by a ray gun. It reverses gravity for her. The whole group winds up on the ceiling. They are pulled down with a pulley to have captive’s sandals put on their feet. He informs Wonder Woman that the ship is not just a submarine but a spaceship too. The ship breaks the surface and is in the sky. Wonder Woman tries to call Steve via the mental radio. Now with their sandals they are weighted down and can walk. They are taken to cells. The leader of the Saturnic’s tells Wonder Woman they are about to conquer Earth. She was all that they feared. Their mission was to capture her and they succeeded. Steve receives Wonder Woman’s message and gets in her Amazon plane and takes flight. He is able to track her mental radio beam to find the ship. He needs to overtake it before it leaves the atmosphere. Wonder Woman breaks out of her bindings. She uses her lasso on the Saturnian. She takes him outside and ties him to the ship with the lasso. She sees Steve and decides to take off her weighted sandals. She is instantly weightless. She soars towards the plane, but before arriving, the ray’s effects wear off. Steve is already out of the plane going down its ladder. He grabs her, saving her. Wonder Woman still holds one end of her lasso. She is now trying to pull the ship. The Saturnians all jump ship instead of being captured. The ship is landed. Etta wants to know when the sandals come off. Wonder woman tells her she will need to wait two days for the effect of the ray to wear off.

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