The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep23 – Timeline

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 7 Episode: 23

Title: Timeline

Original Air Date: April 28, 2020

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The hammer grab sat overnight, and it moved 7 feet. Now it feels like they are in a void. There is no pressure and no dirt. They have hit a void now. Two grabs at a 7-foot space means a void at 202 feet. Non-natural material is coming up. They think its gravel from H-8 that was used to shore up the ground to stop the sinking and the stabilize the area. This is at 203 feet and 8 inches. They are forced to terminate the hole for safety. But they do know now there is a collapse feature in this area. The next day the paved area in the swamp is the focus. Dr. Spooner arrives. He rushed down because the dates are extraordinary. The paved area and swamp dates to 1200 AD. The team gathers for the their final meeting in the war room. Charlies made a timeline that is in 100 year increments and each find is located on the time line matching the items age. Many things are pre-1700s. The paved area is approximately 80 by 170 feet, which is about half an acre. Laird says the dating of the swamp is scientifically indisputable. He also agrees the swamp is manmade. The tunneling tools are discussed because they’ve been found all other the island. It’s possible that there are other sets of tunnels undiscovered as of yet. Some of the tools are dated differently than the age of the swamp. The U shaped structure dates to 1769. Then another structure was found in Smith’s Cove that dates to 1741. Evidence links to each of the major theories about Oak Island. Marty pulls something out of his pocket. It’s his tooney coin (sp?) that he dropped down one of the bore holes, and it came back. It was found searching spoils from the RF1 spoils. So it travelled 10 feet underground. Jack poses the question of “how far could the treasure have moved?” The geologists speaks to the currents that are moving through the deep underground. Marty wonders if the tools they have found are from depositing efforts or recovery efforts. Laird points out that there is hard scientific evidence something happened there. He can’t speak to what but feels strongly its worth pursuing. The dates of things found cover a large section of history. Moving forward, they want to investigate the paved area to the waters edge. Also, moving forward in the money pit would cost 10s of millions. And take as long as three years. Gary thinks the artifacts are a great success just one their own. The Laginas and team gather at 10X to pay trible to Dan Blankenship. Both Dan’s children are present and Dan’s drilling rig has been moved over as well. There is also a commemorative plaque for Dan. After, everyone hugs and shakes and says goodbye until next season.

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