Wonder Woman 1943 issue 7 (story 4)

It’s Harvest Festival for the Amazons or Thanksgiving Day. Wonder Woman goes to the school to get Paula’s daughter. But the kids are doing an extra hour of studying because they aren’t behaving. Gerta gets upset and wants to go with Wonder Woman. The teacher scolds her and Gerta loses her temper. She throws a piano at the teacher. Wonder Woman saves both the teacher and piano. Gerta realizes just what she has done and falls into Wonder Woman’s arms crying and saying she’s sorry. Gerta apologizes and tells the teacher she wants to do as she says but sometimes she just can’t. The teach accepts what she says and asks her to go back to her studies while she talks with Wonder Woman. The teacher is concerned as while Gerta has learned Amazon strength, she has not learned submission. Wonder Woman tells her she will check the magic sphere. Wonder Woman goes to her mother the Queen about Gerta. They set the sphere for 20 years in the future and Diana is afraid to look. It turns out that Gerta follows in her mother’s foot steps and is running a spy ring. One of her slave girls grabs a gun and shoots her. She dies in Wonder Woman’s arms. Wonder Woman is beside herself. Her mother tells her that she can still help and save Gerta. Wonder Woman decides to study Gerta at the Harvest Festival. The festival begins, first with vegetables and then a diving contest. Gerta winds up tied for first with another girl. So she runs up to a 300 foot cliff to do another dive to win. The queen tells her not to but she ignores it. The pool she is diving into has an octopus. Wonder Woman tells Paula not to dive but run down to the pool and get Gerta to swim to the side as quick as possible. Wonder Woman then makes the dive. Wonder Woman is trying to hold off the octopus so Gerta can escape but she decides to fight the octopus instead. Thankfully, she hears her mother call for her and swims to the side and gets out. The octopus tries to wrap around Wonder Woman but she uncurls its tentacles and throws it to the deep end. Wonder Woman tells Paula that Gerta is growing self-willed and scornful of authority. She asks her to take to her the states to teach her love and obedience. The Queen and Wonder Woman talk. The queen is glad that Gerta now has a chance. Wonder Woman muses that people don’t realize that today shapes tomorrow.

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