The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep21 – A Leaf of Faith

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 21
Title: A Leaf of Faith
Original Air Date: April 14, 2020

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Synopsis: Digging at the money pit continues. They H8 bore hole was filled in. The geophysist from Eagle Canada meets with the team in the war room to discuss the results of the seismic test. He shows them small disturbances that are likely searcher tunnels. But he points something out that is teardrop shaped at about 160 feet down. The teardrop is about 13 feet by 13 feet. It matches the McGinnis description. It’s just below Chapel and H8 is on the very south corner. So they just missed it. Rick and a few team members meet with a botanist at the swamp. They take him to the stump. Does this hold additional evidence that the swamp was man made? He wants to take some samples. They allow him. He thinks it’s cork oak. Cork Oak is native only to Portugal. It’s another day and there are two special guests on the island from the Restall family: Lee Lamb and Ricky Restall. There’s a collection of artificats that have been laid out for the two to see. Gary shows them the lead cross that he found. Lee has brought a box as well. It’s got plant parts, leaves and acorns. The brothers have new accords and leaves from the type of Oak that was the canopy trees that where there. They are trying to determine what kinds of Oaks they saw and figure out where they were native. They plan to have the botanist take a look at these materials. Rick and a few others show Ricky the shed that he and his brother shared. It’s not in the best shape but Ricky still remembers it well. He shares some memories. Doug and another team member have taken it on themselves to restore it. Rick tells Ricky that he and his family are welcome on the island any time. In the research center, the brothers, the Restalls, Craig and the botanist all meet. The botanist examines the leaves and acorns under a microscope. He also asks the Restall’s questions. Marty has two conclusions about this. The first is that what the Restalls found on the island is not there now and its significant. And two what is a non-native species of oak doing in the box drains. Sadly, the material is too old for genetic testing. Rick and Marty take Lee and Ricky to the money pit dig site. Rick explains to Lee Lamb how the digging works. He tells her that he wants to name the can, Restall Family 1, RF1. It’s the first time Lee Lamb has seen the new equipment for searching. Vanessa walks over to the controls and takes Lee Lamb with her. She walks her through how to star the digging on this hole and she does it successfully. Spoils are coming out of RF1. Craig tells Vanessa about the depth they are specifically looking for. Jack and Steve are carefully going through the spoils. Jack finds very thick pottery. Gary is metal detecting some of the spoils and finds an old pickaxe. Rick and Marty come over to check it out. Gary points out it’s just like the one they found in the swamp. The digging continues. A lot of old wood and very large timbers are coming up. They’ve been cut by hand and Gary thinks it’s original work. The pieces are an old design and they have never seen anything like it before. One of the timbers even has a dowel. They discover some hand carvings. Laird confirms it’s roman numerals. These carvings are just about identical to carvings from the U shaped structure. Laid and Terry are also excited by the roman numerals. Now they plan to look for more roman numerals. Gary suggests having dendro tests run all on the wood. Marty agrees immediately.

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