Criminal Minds S03, Ep01 – Doubt

Show: Criminal Minds

Season: 3

Episode: 1

Title: Doubt

Original Air Date: September 26, 2007

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Gideon does a voice over about Reid being the one who comes to the cabin looking for him. He talks about being lost and not coping with Sarah’s murder and we go into the case. It’s at a college campus. There is a spree killer. A girl misses the bus. Several girls get off the bus and they aren’t happy about the RA at their dorm. The RA has everyone in the dorm checked off as being there except for one. She gets stun gunned and stabbed. The team goes to the scene. Gideon keeps seeing Sarah everywhere. At the dorm, the RA is banging on every door. The team speaks to those are the dorm in small groups. One of the girls asks Reid how this happened. Reid points out that because it happened with so many people around it’s someone who is part of the campus that people are not normally afraid of. The dean wants to close the campus, but Morgan points out that the killer could go home and then come back and start up again once school reopens. The dean doesn’t want anymore students put at risk and decides to shut the campus down. Prentiss sees the coroner. Reid and JJ talk to the couple of girls who spoke up. As Prentiss leaves she gets a call from Straus. Erin lays the pressure on her. Gideon thinks it will take 2 to 3 days to empty the campus. That’s the window they have to catch him. The next day a security guard opens the door for a female. Hotch is ready to provide a profile and the team delivers it. One person in the meeting asks about a taser to disable the women. Gideon gets a list of security guards, he wants it run against those who were on the scene. Prentiss calls Garcia to get full background on the list. Elsewhere, the security guard from earlier is listening to metal and playing with knives. Garcia tells her all their backgrounds are clean. Prentiss asks her to crosscheck against military and police records. It’s Nathan Tubbs. The head has a list of the responders at each scene, Tubbs is one. The team goes to his place. He’s not there, but they find a lot of evidence. He’s not scheduled to be working then, but he is. He drives up to a woman in a parking lot and offers to drive her to her car. He starts talking to her, opening up a little. He asks her if she would prevent someone from seeing their kid. Luckily, the team surrounds the car. Prentiss gets the girl out of the car. Gideon interrogates Tubbs. He’s winding him up to get him to explode. Prentiss shows Hotch all the evidence, which is circumstantial. Prentiss comes in with some photos. Gideon continues to question him until he asks for a lawyer. Reid opens his locker. At the station, Tubbs lawyer is not happy. Morgan reiterates that Tubbs can be held for 72 hours. They watch him in interrogation through the window. He goes to sleep. The chief agrees. The two girls come up to the agents on the campus. They ask JJ if they caught the guy. She tells them that they have someone in custody. At the dorm, one everyone is partying. One of the two, leaves to go to the library. Someone hits her thought and knocks her to the ground. Then stabs her to death. They find the new body and the dean is furious. JJ asks her to speak to the students with her. The chief asks about releasing Tubbs. The team tells him this is not the same killer. A note from the killer is delivered to the chief at the scene. It’s a bad copycat. The girls friend comes and gets mad at JJ and spits on her. At the station, Gideon returns and tells Hotch that it’s a copycat. Gideon asks Hotch how long he can hold off that lawyer. He smiles, tells him he was a prosecutor and could hold him off for days. Gideon runs through the profile again with Morgan. Morgan doubts the newest crime. JJ wants to hold Tubbs till they can clear the campus. A partner is brought up, Reid thinks its more likely a groupie. They run through all the points comparing the newest crime to the previous ones. Gideon thinks this copycat needs something from Tubbs. A girl is in her dorm, cutting her hair and dying it brown. Tubbs gets released. Gideon asks if the security cameras are up and running and is told yes. The RA asks the surviving girl for help with a girl who won’t open her door or leave. She knocks and the girl opens the door. She sees her hair has been dyed dark and sees all the newspaper clippings from the murders. In her room, she bundles up a knife. Tubbs walks across the campus to his locker. Everyone’s eyes are on him. His locker has been vandalized. The girl calls JJ and Reid to tell them about the girl who died her hair dark. The girl who dyed her hair dark goes and seeks out Tubbs. Reid asks about Ann’s usual mental state. She knows that Ann cuts herself. She also talks about suicide a lot. Reid calls Gideon. Morgan has eyes on Tubbs and Ann. They watch on video. Morgan and Prentiss follow on foot. They get closer. Ann tells him she knows what he did. He tells her the police let him go and she says its because someone else committed another murder. Ann offers him a knife. Tubbs thinks it’s a trick. She tells him she killed someone for him. She stabs Tubbs. Prentiss and Morgan try to get her to put the knife down. She stabs herself. Prentiss and Morgan try to stop the bleeding on them. They both died. Gidoen says, via the letter, that he can’t trust himself anymore. Gideon wonders if they were wrong about Tubbs being the one who killed three women. Strauss calls Hotch into her office. She is furious. When Hotch tells her it was not the outcome they had hoped for, she asks for his badge and suspends him for two weeks. In the letter, Gideon apologizes to Reid. He doesn’t understand anything anymore.

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