The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep15 – Surely Templar

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 15
Title: Surely Templar
Original Air Date: March 3, 2020

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Synopsis: The team heads back to the swamp. They are going to dig a trench to 15 feet where the anomaly should be. Per the seismic map, this anomaly is pretty shallow. Jack spots a wood beam. Billy is able to pull it out. Gary metal detects around the area while the trench is being dug. Marty and Craig, call Vanessa of Roc Equipment to get a new dig set up. She lets them know that she can do 8 foot wide cans this year. Marty is very excited. She says they’ll have a better chance of getting samples. She also has an 8 foot hammer grab. Gary gets a hit pretty quickly at the swamp. He finds a big piece of metal. It’s got a fastener in it. Billy continues to dig and he starts hitting hard material and the bucket is just not going any deeper. Is this surface man made or yet another challenge in the swamp? In the war room, James McQuiston joins them. He’s presented before but has more information. He speaks a lot of the Templars and free masons. Lot 21 get checked out by Laird, Rick, Marty and a few others because of the new information. Laird helped get a permit to do a near surface archeological excavation of the site. They get to investigate the finding of the ground penetrating radar. They begin the test pits. They will do a true archaeological dig. The troweling begins. Back in the Uplands area of Smith’s Cove, Billy along with Jack and Gary try and find the flood system and shut it off. They find a good sized timber and it’s deep. Gary and Billy both think it looks like a tunnel. They do uncover a tunnel. It could be a searcher tunnel, but it’s a tunnel nonetheless. Marty and Rick come down to see what the excitement is about. Marty jumps in to take a look. Jack finds some fiber and wonders if it might be coconut fiber. It does pose the question if this was original work because coconut fiber is associated with things that have been discovered. Jack uses a ziplock to pickup a large sample of the fibers without touching it to avoid contaminating it. They head back to Carmen Legge, the blacksmith to have him look at more finds. They show him the cone shaped wedge. He dates it to 1710 to 1790. It would be a pike pole point from a sailing ship. It’s used to maneuver ships in closes spaces. It’s also known as a boat hook. Back in the Uplands, they continue digging to figure out what shaft they found. It is something because as they continue to dig, it suddenly starts to have water flowing. Rick actually sticks his arm into it and confirms it’s a hole. He then sticks the shovel in and the tunnel/hole is bigger/longer than the shovel. Jack thinks it could be shaft 5. In the war room, everyone is there to take a call from the swamp expert. He says he’s never seen anything like it. It looks like human hair, but it was coconut fiber. This find could possibly allow them to disable the flood tunnels.

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