The Curse of Oak Island S07,Ep13 – Bromancing the Stone

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 13
Title: Bromancing the Stones
Original Air Date: February 11, 2020

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Synopsis: As they uncover the paved section they are amazed at how even and level it is. Even Tom Nolan is amazed at what they are seeing. In the war room, they discuss Fortress Louisberg. The pictures are shown to everyone. The picture of the flood tunnel is the most interesting. Another thing is shown of original construction of a floor. It looks very similar to what they have found in the swamp. Then pictures of the armory and their carts is shown next. They are quite large. Marty says the paved floors in the armory is just about identical to what’s in the swamp. The swamp expert is taking a look at all the rocks. He finds sticks in between some rocks. He confirms that a glacier could not have done this. It was done by humans. Rick asks how old he thinks it is. He tells him, you date the sticks and you get it’s age. Gary comes to the money pit to metal detect the spoils while Billy works to move the spoils around to see if anything can be found. The spoils are just dirt, clay and small sticks and twigs. Billy uncovers something else for him to look at. It’s a very unique pattern of rocks. It’s possible the paved stone area is a lot larger. Craig, Rick and the surveyor come down to the swamp to see the new find. The surveyor uses his probe and feels more stones below. There’s likely more paved areas deeper. The Eye of the Swamp theory is discussed. Back in the money pit, the next core is on G10.5. They are quite possibly on the money pit. The sample is from 109 to 115 feet. They are told no resistance. It might be as deep as 125 feet. This sample shows its not the money pit, it’s undisturbed ground. Rick and Laird go back to the museum to try and find the 90 foot stone. Gary and Jack go detecting again and find an old iron pick axe near the eye of the swamp. In the museum yard, they do a lot of digging and find something pretty old. Rick is carefully uncovering a square stone. Billy brings it up and it turns out to not be the stone they are looking for. The person in charge of the museum takes a look at what’s bene done so far and he thinks that they have to dig deeper. So they do and they cannot find the stone. In the war room, the wood found in the core samples is discussed. The piece that didn’t look like it fit dated 1626-1680. This predates the discovery of the money pit. This date range matches up with the swamp experts

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