The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep09 – An Eye For An Eye

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 9
Title: An Eye For An Eye
Original Air Date: January 14, 2020

Synopsis: In the war room, Marty states they found shaft 2. What is next to locating the money pit? In the money pit area, the surveyor marks the newest drill sight. This should allow them to hit a tunnel being drilled directly into the money pit from the side. The directionality of this tunnel is the only thing in question. Gary heads over to Smith’s Cove. He’s going to metal detect spoils He gets a hit and it’s a chunk. He can’t really break it up to get to the hit in it. Billy points out the area he’s been digging in has longs of flat rocks. He asks if it might be related to the flood tunnels or a French drain. Billy finds some timber. Rick and the geologist come down to the Cove to take a closer look. Terry is clear that what has been uncovered is man made. They have Billy dump a bucket of water to clean up the area. Doug thinks its part of a pier or wharf. The timbers that get exposed are quote large. No one has any idea what it actually is. Back at the money pit, they are down to about 89 feet at bore hole F14. They are trying to find the horizontal tunnel from shaft 2 to the money pit. Another core sample is hauled over to the table. The man who brings it tells them that there was a void. They have hit the tunnel. Rick arrives. He’s happy, but they still need to find the direction of the tunnel so they can pinpoint the original money pit. They meet in the war room to discuss the swamp and the newest theory involving painting Poussin. These theorists think it’s the same lady on three other painting that he did. He’s also talking about a pentagram mapping. He has an overlay done and it matches the location of the eye of the swamp in the swamp itself. The swamp expert returns and he starts taking more cores. Visual inspection shows that some has not been disturbed. Back in Smith’s Cove, they find a peg. But they also uncover some very large logs/timbers. It’s all part of a structure. It’s bigger than the U shape structure and it could be very old. Per Rick, it’s saddle notched. Billy starts pouring water on the different areas to get a better view. It appears to be oak beams padded with clay. The swamp expert has returned to give an update on the samples he took from the swamp the day before. He says the data did not meet his expectations. Marty tells him, “welcome to my world.” He tells them he found glacial till, organic matter and its disturbed in the middle. They dated material in the sample and it dates to about 1600s. They checked more pieces in the sample 1680-1700 is when the disturbance in the swamp took place. It was significant as well. They pause to ask Mr. Nolan’s son about that area of the swamp. No matter what they did they could never get it to try out. An additional sample tells him the swamp initiated at about 1220 AD. It fits into the lore that it’s a Templar treasure hidden on the island. They bring up Zena’s Templar map. Marty says he’s actually getting excited about the swamp.

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