The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep08 – Triptych

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 8
Title: Triptych
Original Air Date: January 7, 2020

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Synopsis: Excavating continues at Smith’s Cove. It’s possible that the team has dug up one of the box drains. All the researchers come down to take a look. This structure is not on any of the maps or historical record. It’s a brand new find. The Geologist comes and takes a look and exclaims its the work of humans. Even Laird, the archaeologist, is excited. Everyone meets in the war room to video chat with Marty. Rick tells him that the new find is exposed and there’s a lot of rockwork outside of the box. They all decide to keep digging. Billy starts gently excavating along the wood wall. Gary asks to metal detect the new area. He gets a hit. It’s an old piece of raw iron. It looks like other cribbing spikes they have found. Rick comes down to see what’s going on. Marty and Rick meet with Corian Mall in the war room. He speaks of Nicholas Poussin (sp?). Three paintings are discussed. The researcher then lays out his theory and pinpoints the eye of the swamp. He believes the ark of the covenant is on the island. Back in Smith’s Cove Gary and Jack are digging out the inside of the wood box by hand. In the swamp, its ground penetrating radar time. Several people are in wetsuits to be in the swamp and pull the gear. The pair in the water are creating a boxed grid of the area they want o search. The boat can be controlled by just pulling yourself along the line. An anomaly 10 feet below the swamp is identified it’s 20 feet wide. Back in Smith’s Cove, they have to wonder if it’s part of a deeper structure. There appears to be a platform. They suspect its a shaft of some kind. Doug is the man down in the hole pulling stuff out. A halt gets put on digging this structure out. Excavation will continue in the future as he doesn’t want to comprise the ability to dig in the bump out area. Back in the money pit area, they continue with the bore holes to determine where shaft 2 is. First sample brings up a lot of wood. They have found a corner of the shaft. Rick comes over and dampens the excitement by telling them they’ve only solved some but still need to keep drilling to find the correct orientation. More core samples are brought up. Terry is excited as there is a lot more wood. This shaft is the oldest known searcher shaft. This wood is believed to be a second wall. The team is going to submit samples to get the wood tested for it’s age. A week later, the team is in the war room again. There are results on the wood samples. The age that is revealed is 1796. This has confirmed this is shaft 2. Shaft two is the only thing other than the original money pit that is that old on the island.

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