The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep06 – Closing In

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 6
Title: Closing In
Original Air Date: December 10, 2019

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Synopsis: Rick takes Dan Henske to the sluice tunnel. Excavation has been going on and they actually uncover walls too. They are tracing the sluice way back to shaft 9 and will use it to pin point the exact location of Shaft 9. The surveyor is taking GPS measurements of what they have uncovered so he can map and map it all the way back. They plan to finish uncovering this section of the sluice way to photograph it. Then on the other side of the road they will try to uncover more up the hill. On the Eastern half of the island, the seismic test is ready to begin. About 1,000 charges will go off tonight. There is about 18,000 charges laid out. Each charge has 20 grams of dynamite. The waves can go up to 300 feet below the surface. As some charges go off you can see smoke come up and mud/dirt. They hope to find the flood tunnel and the Money Pit. Smith’s Cove and the cave in pit have now undergone the seismic test. The area known as the Highlands is next. Gary heads to Lot 32 with Peter. Gary finally finds a signal he likes, he’s just unsure what it might be. He thinks it’s a decking spike from the 1700’s. Another section of the sluice way has been uncovered closer to the Money Pit. Back by the water on Lot 32, Gary gets another hit. It’s an unforged iron spike. Peter suggest show it to the blacksmith. Darcy comes to the war room and gives his own theory. That it was a treasure ship that got caught in a storm and then the gulf stream and wound up beached on Oak Island. They build the tunnels and closed in the swamp to protect that treasure. Alex and Gary head over to see Carmen, a blacksmithing expert, to look at their newest finds. The small spike is an iron scupper nail or decking nail. Now in the Money Pit area, they think that have figured out where Shaft 9 is and digging has begun to confirm it. They do a good amount of digging with the excavator and then jump in and dig. It appears to be a shaft that measures 6 feet by 12 feet. They have also found the tunnel that connects the shaft to the sluice way. The seismic testing on the east side is now complete. They just have to wait on the data to be processed.

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