The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep05 – Tunnel Visions

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 5
Title: Closing In
Original Air Date: December 3, 2019

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Synopsis: Cave in pit 2 is having cores pulled from the northern side. The cave in was actually a shaft built by searchers. However, they discovered a tunnel 3 foot by 4 foot and it soon filled with ocean water and flooded out that shaft. They pull up a core from 109ish feet deep and it has sand and stone and meets the same description from those searchers. They may have found the tunnel that triggered the cave in. Jack calls Marty and tells him they think they found the flood tunnel from Smith’s Cove to the Monet Pit. Terry, the geologist, thinks it’s the flood tunnel. He also shows them a map and that it connects in straight line. Gary heads over to Lot 21 again to continue detecting. He finds a chisel. He thinks it goes with the swages and that everything dates back to the early 1400s. They call Rick and he heads out. Gary explains that this chisel would be used for tunneling. It could be evidence that Daniel McGinnis dug under on his own lots as well as the money pit. Eagle Canada is brought back in to do more seismic testing. They want to scan the eastern part of the island all the way to Smith’s Cove. That afternoon Eagle Canada starts to prep. Another researcher comes in and joins them. He’s a well known expert on Naval history prior to modern times. He shows them drawings of a water battery. It matches the L shaped structure. It’s a military fortification built as close to the water as possible. He thinks that the French military were on this island. A massive French Fort was built in Lewiston. It was attacked for control. The French new the attack was coming and he thinks that it was hidden on Oak Island. The treasure is French. Back at Lot 21, the GPR is well underway. There are flags marking anomalies. Something has been discovered four feet deep, it’s also four feet wide. Laird thinks there could be a second cellar. Rick, Marty and Charles head to the south end of the island. Shaft 9 is discussed. It was done 100 feet exactly from the Money Pit. A sluice was also built to drain the flood tunnel if activated. However, it was never completed because the group doing it ran out of money. Marty runs the excavator and starts clearing boulders and large rocks. He finds a metal pipe in the process. With a few more scoops of land, water starts to pour into the hole that’s been dug. It’s still working too. When they go down, they find wood and clay. Dan Henske is the one who told them about the sluice. Their surveyor marked the spot on his map.

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