The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep03 – Eye of the Swamp

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 3
Title: Eye of the Swamp
Original Air Date: November 19, 2019

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Synopsis: Dr. Ian Spooner is there to present his analysis of the swamp. He’s an environmental geoscientist. He says every centimeter represents about ten years. So it’s like tree rings. He dates the swamps age to only 300 to 400 years old. He states the swamp is an oddity to him. It’s either geology or man manipulated. He thinks that at one point it was two islands. There’s an oval feature at the top of the swamp that interests him. When he and his team were probing that feature and they were hitting stones. This rock feature is preventing anything from growing in that area. They reiterate that he has full access to the swamp and they look forward to more news. The next day they are all back at the swamp. Gary and a surveyor are their too. The goal is to figure out what this structure in the oval area also called the pond is. Gary puts on a wetsuit. Gary gets out and into the water and he’s on flat rock. He actually feels and he feels metal. His detector says it’s iron. He checks another spot and finds more metal. It could be another boulder like those in Nolan’s Cross. The narrator theorizes its the pyramid with the all seeing eye. It’s also on the back of money. Gary finds and even bigger stone. Marty wants to drain it. Everyone meets back up in the war room. Marty begins reporting. Gary confirms that he was getting iron hits in several places. The surveyor brings up a small map of all the rock hits that they have between Gary and Dr. Spooner. Marty says that he wants to drain it. Rick informs them they have a permit to drain but they do not have a permit to dig. This time to drain the swamp they bring in some experts to figure out how to do it. They lay out three target areas they want to search first: the seismic anomaly, paved wharf and eye of the swamp. The experts suggest a dig box to isolate the area. 16 foot cages that can be 4 to 16 feet high and they can be stacked. That afternoon, Alex, Charles and Peter head to the college to have the swages analyzed. She’s excited to see what they have brought. Alex gives her some background on the swages. She gets some samples and they head downstairs to do a chemical analysis with a SEM. She tells them it is pre-1840s. The next day, the drilling company and geologist all meet in Smith’s Cove. The possible drains are marked blue. The GPR that was done previously discovered several locations that could have tunnels. The new drilling system can go as deep as 500 feet. In Smith’s Cove they start drilling core samples. First 90 feet or so is just soft clay with lots of little stones. Now at 99 feet. Terry finds something that smells charred or burnt. They also find a piece of dynamite. It still smells like it just went off the day before they say. They also find a tube that it would have been loaded in. It might be from treasure hunters as they tried to disable the flood tunnels. It did not stop the tunnels. Instead water started flowing up through the money pit.

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