The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep22 – Lost and Founding

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 22
Title: Lost and Founding
Original Air Date: April 30, 2019

Synopsis: Rick, Marty, and Dave go visit Dan and tell him about the testing of the wood. The date is 1769 for the wood. Dan is shocked by both the date and how certain the testers are. The team heads back to Smith’s Cove to continue the search for the flood tunnel system. Marty wants to dig in the middle of the U shape structure. They are running out of time and have just a week or so left before the weather forces them to stop. Laird finds an upright that is quite large. Is this newest find an attempt to block the tunnels? A large section is shown of very large boards. There is the possibly that some of the structures are linked together in some way. There is also a lot of packed clay. They keep digging. That night, the seismic continues in the swamp. Three researchers join the team in the war room (one via video chat). They’ve possibly built on Zena’s research and made some new connections. He’s got additional information on a map Zena had. He speaks of the French, the Revolutionary War and Jefferson. The number 13 is discussed and how it relates to Friday the 13th and the dissolution of the Knights Templar. The pine tree symbol is discussed next. There is a stone on the northshore, it has a tree etched in it and the name Evans. The team takes the researchers to see the stone. One of the brothers counts the branches on the tree, it has 13 branches. Back at the swamp, they check in with the seismic team. They have finished all the seismic survey. It will be about 2 months before they get the results. Back in Smith’s Cove, Billy has found yet another wall. They also uncover what could be a shaft or sluice box. The team meets in the war room and discusses everything they found this season. Smith’s Cove is filled with new finds. Everyone now believes something significant happened on Oak Island. The question is in the 1760s was it depositors or searchers? The question goes around the table: is something here? Everyone believes that something either is there now or was there at one point. The debate continues deposit or withdrawal? Different things found are brought up including coins, pottery, parchment, book bindings. Dan speaks up and tells Marty to ignore all this evidence at his own peril. Rick gives a very inspiring speech to close the season. Everyone exits the war room. Everyone shakes Dan’s hand before heading out. Marty talks about how their work has demonstrated something significant has happened on the island. Dan drives towards his home in his golf cart.

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