The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep20 – Short Days and Tall Knights

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 20
Title: Short Days and Tall Knights
Original Air Date: April 9, 2019

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Synopsis: The team meets in the war room. Rick tells the team the crane operators union is going on strike. This has brought digging in the money pit to a halt. Jack is going to start working on the Smith’s Cove spoils. Work in Smith’s Cove is not affected and continues. Marty is upset because he planned for all kinds of problems, but a strike of workers was not something he planned for or foresaw. They continue working in Smith’s Cove with Billy. He’s not on strike. Billy uncovers a log. It’s part of a whole new structure. Almost a dozen structures have now been found in Smith’s Cove. The narrator talks of Restall’s work. Is this structure one of Restall’s? Is this the one he thought he could use to stop water going into the flood tunnels. As they uncover more of it, it’s clear it’s a shaft. As more and more of it is uncovered water starts to pour out of it. Gary suggests that they may have put this shaft in the middle of the flood tunnel. Gary also points out that this is where the water was coming out with the dye when they did the dye test five weeks ago. They are going to have an expert GPS mark the spot and compare it on the map. Jack and Gary go metal detecting on the western side of the island. They find of piece of pottery that looks similar to what’s been found in the money pit. They use the winch to pull up a dead tree and get a hit quickly after. It’s a button. It has some writing on it, it’s likely military. The will come back and search more in the area as time, tide and weather permit. An historian comes out to meet with them in the war room. He tells them the story of the Knights in Nova Scotia. They created a new Knights Barranet of Nova Scotia. It was to turn Nova Scotia into New Scotland. He mentions New Ross was one of the locations they built a city. He tells them the missing treasure is worth half a billion dollars. He has with him a lengthy list of items that were part of the treasure. He references the small piece of parchment that was found by previous searchers that came up pristine. It was clearly stored in something waterproof. Part of his theory is that the treasure was not brought and buried all at once, but instead over a long period of time. The next day Gary and Rick go to lot 16 to metal detect. There is a stone well in this area that they are also going to look closer at. Gary thinks its an old well with a modern cap. They call Laird to get permission to dig the well. He is fine with it. Marty easily pulls the cap off the well. Gary gets to work metal detecting what’s underneath. Gary gets hits on metal inside the well below the water line. They have to use a pump to drain the well so they can inspect it. The well is now drained and Gary descends into the hole to metal detect. He gets a few non-ferrous hits. He then uses his pin pointer detector Gary suddenly gets very excited. He found a coin. It’s modern though. He also finds a piece of decorated lead. He does find more metal but has to stop because the well is refilling quickly. The brothers head back to Smith’s Cove to try and use a dating technique to determine the age of the wood in the structures. They cut multiple samples from different pieces of wood to send in for testing.

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